May 26, 2008 (972-05262008)

In addition to the below, at approximately 10:10AM this morning Monday May 26, 2008 I discovered absolute indisputable evidence that someone using the name "dallasposter" has accessed my personal home computer and has in fact sent emails which means because of the fact that my computer is inside of my locked apartment, that another burglary has been committed and email(s) were in fact sent (from my personal home computer). Whoever it was (and we all know dang good and well it was the very same drug addict bitch stalking me around whom the celebrities have been funding the activities of, simply because she is the only individual stalking me around and burglarizing my apartment) has been using the name "dallasposter" as their login name on Google’s "" (I do not use fictitious names, I use my own), and that she accessed Google’s “Gmail” web page from my home computer which was locked inside my apartment, and, that she has in fact sent emails from my personal home computer. I know this to be factual because even though the woman might have attempted deleting the computers history in an attempt of covering her tracks she failed to delete the address in the browsers address bar and she failed to delete the stored memory of the name “dallasposter” used to access the email account which was still stored, along with a password, in my computers memory. Stephen Wayne Reno Monday May 26, 2008


At approximately 9:00AM this morning Monday May 26, 2008 shortly after composing the previous letter of testimony I discovered what I am certain to be evidence of yet another burglary committed by the drug addict woman stalking me (whose activities is still as of today Monday, May 26, 2008 being funded by the celebrities) in which the stalker burglarizing my apartment went into my bedroom and tampered with the mini blinds covering my bedroom window which I know to have been done sometime within the past 24 hours. My God, the absolute fact of the matter truly is that I cannot even leave my belongings locked inside of my vehicle long enough to go from the parking lot of a store into the store and back to my vehicle because of the thief stalking me around which the American celebrity society are still as of today funding the activities of burglarizing my apartment and vehicle and the only resolve to this continuing problem is to; Ether lock the bitch up in permanent confinement where she can no longer spy upon me and can no longer stalk me around and good riddance, or, kill the bitch and be rid of her once and for all forever and again good riddance, or,  seize the funds of the celebrities funding this bitch’s activities so she and her friends no longer has the means to continue spying upon me and stalking me around burglarizing my apartment and vehicle and good riddance to all of them, or, quite simply, by simply leaving the United States of America to a nation where this bitch and her friends and those guilty of funding the woman and her friends activities simply cannot follow me and cannot continue stalking me around which I am actively in the process of achieving, which quite frankly I would have already done had I had the money to do so. There is no other answer to, nor any other alleviation to this problem. One way or another, this problem must, and shall come to an end.

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday May 26, 2008

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