May 31, 2008 (976a-05312008)

At the time of moonrise this morning Saturday May 31, 2008 I discovered more of what I believed to be deliberate food tampering of food I had stored under lock and key within my locked vehicle. Shortly after sunrise this morning Saturday May 31, 2008 I confirmed that the woman stalking me had in fact committed yet another burglary of my vehicle and that more of my food supply was in fact tampered with during the burglary with chemicals which I know to be harmful and very possibly fatal, which I know were bought for the woman’s use by the celebrities funding this woman stalking me which because of the food tampered with I can place the burglary and subsequent food tampering sometime within the last two to three, possibly four days ago. Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday May 31, 2008


In addition to the above, in addition to between 4:20PM and 5:02PM today Thursday May 29, 2008 wile still running the electronic recording device across my eyes at high speed illegally recording my spoken words and thoughts and wile still being funded by the celebrities themselves, the same drug addict woman still housed within the celebrity funded Kansas City facility (YES the woman guilty of repeatedly doing this to me IS the drug addict woman housed within the celebrity funded Kansas City facility that has been correctly identified as “the harlot” by the people of God) deliberately placed me in the path of harms way unable to defend or protect myself in situations of emergency and peril by deliberately transmitting the same flashing light signal, deliberately inducing another comatose state of sleep between 4:00PM and 4:25PM today Friday May 30, 2008 which the celebrities funding this woman’s activities have as of today obviously still done nothing whatsoever about.

Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, May 31, 2008


About the death of Harvey Korman; Well, I pretty much “shot the wad” in two previous letters (973-05272008, 974-05282008) regarding the death of Sydney Pollack, however, to all of Hollywood’s Celebrities, celebrities of each of its venues (e.g. the entire entertainment industry irrelevant of whether or not the celebrity is from Radio, TV, Movies, etcetera and irrelevant of whether or not the celebrity is from or resides within the city of Hollywood itself, e.g. meaning those celebrities of and residing in New York, Nashville, and other locations to) I state that this is true;


"Irrelevant of whether or not I could, through my allegiance to the soul and his people and or because of my birthright, do something to help alleviate your need or emotional sadness and or grief, just the mere fact that you do not have my care and concern, my hopes and my prayers, nor my sympathy, nor my voice to the heart of the soul himself and his people, is absolutely devastating to that that you are to each of you that know the sun is and that he lives and that he knows each of you, especially during your time(s) of heartache and pain and emotional trauma and trouble(s), and because of this lack, others shall see you for who and what you truly are. This is what you have netted yourselves with your allegiance to and by your continued funding and support and protection of the drug addict Harlot whom the people have identified as the Antichrist. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday May 30, 2008


It is not because of an arrogance of me that I tell this truth to you but because of the soul and his people alive and well within me which no one in need of love can do without. The simple fact that you celebrities have lived during the time of an incarnation of the sun and once upon a time was held by he himself in high regard and with much esteem and with dignity and had within your grasp his love, his care, his concern, and his prayers, but now no longer do, says virtually everything that those existing today and anyone of any future generation could want to know about each of you, and irrelevant of the words you speak to others regarding this issue, irrelevant of the façades you pretend are true, the emptiness you feel within your heart because of this loss, especially during times of heartache and trouble is a constant reminder that this fact is true.

Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, May 31, 2008

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