October 28, 2008 (1103-10272008)

At 4:38PM today Tuesday October 28, 2008 I discovered that the woman stalking me had committed another burglary of my apartment sometime within the past 24 to 48 hours and amongst whatever else the criminal stalker did during the burglary, the woman tampered with a pumpkin I had bought to carve for Halloween, with the very same life threatening, harmful if ingested chemicals the very same drug addict woman repeatedly tampered with my food supply with which I have repeatedly testified that I believe was responsible for at least one hospitalization which I suffered, which in this case destroyed the pumpkin I had bought, and because of the fact the woman is still at large and stalking me, and because of the fact that I do not have the four dollars to replace it I must now do without. Based upon the condition of the pumpkin and more than five whole years of seeing this very same drug addict bitch deliberately tamper with my food with the very same life threatening chemical I can determine that this criminal stalker whom the American celebrity society deliberately moved into my neighborhood has committed this crime sometime within the last 24 to 48 hours, amongst other things, proving that the woman is in fact still stalking me, that she is in fact still burglarizing my apartment, and that she is in fact still deliberately tampering with my food supply (in this case a pumpkin I had intentions of eating the seeds of and then carving) with chemicals harmful, very possibly fatal, if ingested. Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday October 28, 2008


And for the record, what I said was; "their really isn’t any words to describe the emotional trauma of being repeatedly stalked by a schizophrenic drug addict that is repeatedly victimizing you by burglarizing your apartment and vehicle and deliberately vandalizing your property and murdering your plants and small animals including your very own pets and steeling from you and deliberately tampering with your food supply, as this criminal woman, the very woman the  American celebrity society has deliberately moved more than 500 miles into my neighborhood and repeatedly funded the activities of, has repeatedly done to me, which can truly convey to the individual reading or hearing the words that you used to describe the emotional traumas, that would truly convey the emotional traumas experienced."


The anti-stalking law was created and enacted because of a celebrity that had been repeatedly stalked by a criminal that eventually killed her, yet this very same drug addict bag of shit and her drug addict friends have repeatedly victimized the soul and his people and I in this very same manner since the eighties and it has been the American celebrity society that has repeatedly funded this criminal stalkers activities and stalking and the crimes she and her friends have repeatedly committed since the very day the woman started and all the wile the president of the United States of America, through four separate presidents (Ronald Regan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, and George Bush Jr.) spanning more than twenty five whole years (1981 or 82 through this very day today Tuesday October 28, 2008)  new of the woman’s crimes and of her guilt but did absolutely nothing whatsoever to stop and prevent the woman.


The drug addict harlot’s excuses; "he thought about it so I did it," "He told on me," and, "he wouldn’t do what I told him to do." The woman has also repeatedly verbally stated that she thought she had a right to commit the crimes she and her drug addict friends repeatedly committed because, in her own words "she worked for a celebrity." That is what I said.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday October 28, 2008


At 2:24PM today Tuesday October 28, 2008 I discovered that the criminal drug addict woman stalking me had once again deliberately victimized another part of one of the naturally occurring plants growing upon my fenced in patio during yet another burglary or criminal trespassing upon my fenced in patio. In this particular instance, based upon my daily checks of the plants upon my fenced in patio I can state that the burglary and or criminal trespassing and subsequent victimizing of the plant occurred sometime within the last 24 to 48 hours from the time of this paragraph of testimony today (2:28PM Tuesday October 28, 2008)

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday October 28, 2008


I was once again deliberately awaken and repeatedly harassed at 5:00AM this morning Tuesday October 28, 2008 by the very same drug addict bitch physically bothering me with the very same enema bag crap, in this instance, the woman was deliberately offending us by causing offensive noises which she attempting passing of as my lower intestines, wile repeatedly attempting causing a rocking motion upon the inner Rings of the Radio Spectrum surrounding me wile screaming that she wanted me to get up and make a cup of coffee.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, October 28, 2008


At 7:21AM this morning Monday October 27, 2008 I noticed what I believe to be more theft of my food supplies which I had stored within my locked apartment which I believe were stolen by the American celebrity society’s criminal drug addict woman stalking and repeatedly burglarizing my apartment which if I am correct, occurred at the time of moonrise today Monday October 27, 2008.

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday October 27, 2008

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