January 22, 2009 (1175-01222009)

Upon checking my vehicle tires air pressure today Thursday January 22, 2009 shortly before 11:00AM I discovered that the criminal drug addict stalker stalking me, ether wile my vehicle sat in my apartment complex property parking lot, or, wile stalking me to various locations around town, had once again deliberately let the air out of my vehicle tire. This time as before, the very same passenger side front tire which the criminal stalker stalking me has repeatedly victimized so many times that I can no longer get it repaired. At this time, the other three tires are holding the exact same amount of air pressure and have been for at least three weeks. Because of the fact that I have previously personally taken my vehicle to the automotive repair shop and had the tire taken off the vehicle and tested and at the time was told that the tire did not leak air, if the tire has suddenly sprung a leak or has been punctured or if there has been another nail placed in the tire or the air has simply been deliberately let out it, I am absolutely certain that it was an act of deliberate vandalism committed by the criminal stalker stalking me. I also know that the criminal stalker stalking me whom the American celebrity society moved into my neighborhood February 2008 is the only individual repeatedly stalking me around town and repeatedly victimizing my vehicle and me.

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday January 22, 2009


Wile illegally criminally spying upon me and seeing that I had composed the above paragraph of testimony regarding my vehicle tire the American celebrity society’s drug addict harlot began broadcasting another verbal threat across the right side of my crown threatening me stating that she would victimize my vehicle and I further if I told on her and her criminal drug addict friends.

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday January 22, 2009


And for the record, what I actually said was that in addition to the fact that I had noticed Mr. Gates had launched a television commercial to push Windows Vista (which Microsoft had never had to do in the past). I saw yesterday that the Microsoft Corporation has had to announce employee layoffs which they (the Microsoft Corporation) as attributed to a slump in sales. My comment regarding the issue was: Not intending to be offensive toward Mr. Bill Gates and or his wife Melinda or anything but it seems to me that the best advertisement a man, or company, could get would be to have the sun himself personally using your product and being happy doing so (using it). That way, all of the people of the soul (the ancient sect of men that can be seen in my eyes) use and support your product and if the sun and the people of the soul are happy and using and supporting your product, the Holy Spirit is also happy and supporting your product, and when the Holy Spirit is happy and supporting your product, the Holy Spirit then conveys his happiness across the planet which is then subconsciously picked up by the population of Homo sapiens of the planet and the next thing you know you’ve got the number one product on the entire planet. (of course the opposite of which, such as sadness and discontent, is also true which has been repeatedly documented and proven to be correct with the American music and movie sales and statistics which in this instance began slumping approximately 1996 and has never recovered.)


Although this fact has been repeatedly proven to be true during the last 48 plus years, the fact that MS DOS was happily used by the sun during the eighties, and so was Windows 95, 98, and XP but not Windows Vista is yet another in a long list of items which displays that this is absolute proof. Unfortunately for the Microsoft Corporation, in this particular instance, because of the fact that upon the sun’s very own personally composed and mailed request (mailed to Mr. Gates office in Redmond Washington 2006) for a copy of Windows Vista which Mr. Gates refused to answer, consequently, the sun doesn’t use it (Windows Vista) and the people of the soul have stated that they will not support it (Windows Vista) because of this fact, the Holy Spirit feels as cheated and offended as the sun himself (over the fact that the richest man on the planet at the time of the sun’s personal request could not even spare him (the one and only Homo sapiens sun) a meager single copy of his software Windows Vista), consequently, the next thing you know, the Microsoft corporation company’s sales are slumping, and something new takes hold and makes its presents felt upon the market and if the situation continues, the inevitable outcome is obvious. Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, January 22, 2009


It should be noted by the reader reading this letter of testimony that no personal disrespect to Mr. Gates and Melinda is intended, after all, I believe it to be well known that I have repeatedly spoken fondly of and about Mr. Gates and his wife Melinda and even went to see him testify wile in Washington DC (the Microsoft antitrust lawsuit) and then openly spoke on his behalf, however, the truth of the matter is that it was Mr. Gates himself that I personally asked for a copy of Windows Vista in a personal letter telling Mr. Gates that I did not have the resources and could not afford to buy a copy. Mr. Gates refused to responded to the letter and in truth, when the richest man on the planet cannot afford to give the one and only Homo sapiens sun a single copy of something such as that that I requested from Mr. Gates, and would not even bother to answer the letter telling him no, I became offended. (My hope is that instead of perceiving this paragraph of true testimony as a slam toward Mr. Gates, that this testimony is instead perceived as food for thought, not for me, for future generations, for a fact of life that history has proven is that someday, the sun shall be incarnated into another Homo sapiens man and on that day I hope that he (the sun) is treated by those whom know of his (the sun’s) birth and that he lives with more dignity and respect than those of this era today. Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, January 22, 2009

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