July 31, 2009 (1395-07312009)

I hear Miley Cyrus has an (alleged) criminal stalker stalking her! The story I hear is that a man whom has repeatedly stated that he (the alleged stalker) believes that Miley Cyrus is speaking to himself through various photos has been (allegedly) stalking her. Of course, we all know that the man was immediately deemed an (alleged) nut-cake and law enforcement officials arrested him.


Hum… lets see now… a documented habitual drug addict criminal whom has been documented by many repeatedly verbally stating that she believes that I have been secretly speaking to her through her computer or TV monitor, whom has been documented by many repeatedly broadcasting verbal messages stating that she believes that my publicly published letters of testimony and my conversations between myself and others and even my own personal thoughts are supposed secrete messages to herself and her criminal drug addict friends, has been criminally stalking me for approximately 28 consecutive years, and although it is true I am not a Hollywood celebrity, I have in fact verbally and in print repeatedly stated that I have never conversed with the woman and I have never sent the woman (the criminal stalker) any messages.


In the case of Miley Cyrus, although I am not certain of this fact, I do not believe the man allegedly stalking her was seen threatening or committing any crimes against her. In my case, the woman criminal stalking me has been repeatedly seen and documented by celebrities and Federal agents repeatedly verbally threatening me and committing burglaries of my apartments and vehicles and hundreds of various other crimes of malice repeatedly victimizing me the entire approximately 28 consecutive years.


So far to date (Friday, July 31, 2009) the man (allegedly) criminally stalking Miley Cyrus has evidently been deemed a nut-cake, and, he has been formally arrested.


So far to date (Friday, July 31, 2009) the woman known to be criminally stalking me from city to city, state to state, and even from one nation to another for more than 28 years and during those 28 years has been repeatedly documented victimizing me committing literally hundreds of burglaries and various other crimes, and yet, the only thing that has happened to her is a group of celebrities from Hollywood have spent the entire 28 plus years spending their very own money funding the woman’s criminal stalking and various criminal acts of malice and crimes against me and as of today Friday, July 31, 2009, law enforcement officials have turned a blind eye and have never bothered to arrest or stop the woman from continuing to deliberately stalk and victimize me.


At 9:22AM this very morning Friday, July 31, 2009 I personally witnessed absolute proof that this very criminal stalker still criminally stalking me did in fact commit another criminal burglary of my newest third floor apartment as recent as between 7:30PM through 8:15PM yesterday evening Thursday July 30, 2009 wile I was sitting outside, away from my locked apartment, and amongst whatever else the criminal stalker did during the criminal burglary, I know for an absolute fact she deliberately tampered with some fresh fruit that I had sitting upon my apartment kitchen counter with the very same chemicals harmful and fatal if ingested that she has previously repeatedly deliberately tampered with my food on dozens of documented instances before, which I know for an absolute fact was witnessed and documented by agents of the United States federal Government.


This very same scenario has been played over and over and over for 28 whole consecutive years and quite frankly, it sounds to me as if the celebrities value themselves and the health and welfare of their own children more than they value the soul of God and his people and me. It seems to me that there is documented evidence suggesting that law enforcement officials and the United States Federal Government believe Hollywood celebrities and their children are more valuable to the planet than the soul of God and is people and the immense Rings of the Radio spectrum surrounding me which the world will loose upon my death and have proven this to be true by repeatedly arresting alleged criminal stalkers allegedly stalking celebrities and their children wile knowingly allowing known habitual criminals the freedom to repeatedly criminally spy upon, and criminally stalk, and repeatedly commit hundreds of crimes against the soul of God and his people and I which is repeatedly victimizing and placing me in the path of life threatening harms way. It sounds to me that if I had been a Hollywood celebrity, instead of spending 28 plus years funding this known habitual criminal stalkers crimes, the Hollywood community and the United States Federal Government and various other law enforcement officials would have deemed the criminal stalker stalking me a nut-cake and someone would have done something to lock the bitch away long, long ago. (for the record, the criminal stalker stalking me that did in fact commit this latest criminal burglary and food tampering was documented stating that she believed that her bitch or the soul of God and his people secretly instructed her to commit the two crimes) Stephen Wayne Reno Friday July 31, 2009

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