January 28, 2010 (1494-01282010)

Evidently, Barack Obama has decided to show the homosexual community of the United States of America (many of whom helped him get elected President November 2008) and the world population his true colors (or more precisely, his lack of) and what a real "Jack Ass" he truly is by coming out against gays in his "State of the Union" address yesterday evening January 27, 2010 by asserting to those watching that he had intentions of repealing the "Don’t ask, Don’t tell" in an effort of ridding the United States Military of all Homosexuals (I told you he wasn’t a Christian). Perhaps now that he has already been elected President of the United States of America, he doesn’t care if the world’s population of queers see him for what he truly is, and, or, whether or not they (the world’s population of homosexuals) know the truth of how he really feels. Don’t worry though, he is only a one term president. Heck, with any luck, he might not even last the full four years.
Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday January 28, 2010
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