July 29, 2010 (1715-07292010)

As of 3:38PM today Thursday, July 29, 2010 the American celebrity society’s drug addict harlot and her group of three or four or five habitual criminal drug addict friends are still deliberately sexually assaulting and raping me in the rectum deliberately engaging in the very same previously mentioned deliberately rigged homosexual sexual activity of repeatedly inserting and pulling out and reinserting the harlot’s various electrical wires and hose and ball and various other accoutrement which I cannot identify out of and back into the rectum of the individual (the man or woman electronically connected to the chakra emanating from my groin habitually laying on his or her back) engaging in the homosexual sexual activity with the harlot’s bitch (the woman electronically connected to the aura and chakras emanating from the base of my spine often attempting hiding herself within the aura emanating from my leg whom is also often seen repeatedly reaching through the curtain or screen (at the sluts buttocks) to insert the various items into the rectum of the individual habitually laying upon his or her back) both repeatedly attempting forcing the "feeling" of the homosexual sexual activities they are currently engaged in upon me with explicit intentions of sexually assaulting and sodomizing and raping me in the rectum which the very same two habitual criminal drug addict rapist have repeatedly continued since they began deliberately sexually assaulting and raping me during the 6:00AM hour of this morning (Thursday, July 29, 2010), in this particular instance, wile simultaneously continuing to deliberately use the various electronic devices the individual celebrities of the American celebrity society are still monetarily funding the illegal criminal use of to deliberately cause such severe heat and excessive and profuse sweating upon my head, and upper torso, and groin, and legs, that at times I have had to literally stop the events of my day and remove my shirt and tell the soul that I need help getting the woman and her crap off of me because she is deliberately physically hurting me, wile simultaneously placing napkins upon and around my neck, and groin, and back, and between my buttocks just to absorb the excessive and profuse sweat.

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, July 29, 2010

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