October 29, 2010 (1860-10292010)

Exactly as the very same American celebrity society’s drug addict harlot and her group of three or four or five habitual criminal drug addict friends have repeatedly deliberately done time and time and time and time and time again over the course of the last 16 to 18 whole consecutive years with the individual celebrities of the American celebrity society monetarily funding their every crime and cowardly act of malice every step of the way. Shortly after noon today Friday October 29, 2010, the woman I (because of the fact I do not know any of their given or surnames) have repeatedly referred to as the very same habitual criminal drug addict enemy of the soul of God and his people and I repeatedly seen sitting (or standing and or laying) in front of her electronic camera cowering behind various false images of herself as she deliberately verbally and visually harassed and tormented and attempted picking fights with the soul and his people and I, once again deliberately transmitted an electronic signal electronically inducing another electronically induced comatose state of sleep which cheated me out of being able to set with the setting moon. At 2:30PM today Friday October 29, 2010 I awoke from the deliberately induced comatose state of sleep to the very same two habitual criminal drug addict rapist whom had once again resumed deliberately sexually raping me in the rectum forcing themselves and their repeated sexual act of deliberately engaging in another of their repeated variations of the same previously mentioned deliberately rigged homosexual sexual activity of repeatedly inserting and pulling out and reinserting and moving around and pulling out and reinserting and moving around what could ether be the harlot’s electrical wires, and or her hose and ball, and or the harlot’s bitch’s entire hand and forearm and various other accoutrement into and back out of the rectum of the individual (the individual electronically connected to and attempting hiding behind the aura and chakras emanating from my upper torso) engaging in the homosexual sexual activity with her bitch (the individual electronically connected to the aura and chakras emanating from the base of my spine and or groin often attempting hiding herself within the aura emanating from my legs whom is often seen repeatedly reaching through the curtain or screen to insert the various items into the rectum of the habitual slut repeatedly electronically connecting themselves to the aura and chakras emanating from my upper torso against my will) both repeatedly attempting forcing the “feeling” of the homosexual sexual activities they repeatedly engaged in committing upon me with explicit intentions of sexually assaulting and sodomizing and raping me in the rectum, in this particular instance, while also simultaneously deliberately causing excessive sweating around my neck electronically connecting their various electrical crap to the aura and chakra emanating from my throat. As of the time of completing this letter of testimony at 3:07PM today Friday October 29, 2010 the two habitual criminal drug addict rapist have continued deliberately inflicting their sexual assaults and rape upon the soul and his people and I and have also electronically transmitted numerous verbal threats across the right side of my crown verbally threatening raping me further if I compose this letter of testimony “telling on the woman and her friends.” The time of publishing this letter of testimony is approximately 3:10PM (GMT-7 hours).
Stephen Wayne Reno Friday October 29, 2010

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