January 29, 2013 (2691-01292013)

As recent as this very day today Tuesday, January 29, 2013 I have had a telephone call from my personal legally licensed medical practitioner regarding a medical problem noticed by blood work recently done (blood work done as recent as January 23, 2013). Although I cannot state with absolute indisputable certainty, I have reason to believe that the medical problem very possibly could be either because of becoming resistant to my current medications caused by the harlot and her friends deliberately forcing me to forget to ingest my daily dose of professionally prescribed medications, or, very possibly due to deliberate chemical poisoning, either directly, or during yet another deliberate chemical food tampering of my food supply deliberately committed during a recent criminal burglary of the privately owned home belonging to the consenting adult whom I am known to have been innocently spending time with. Although I will NOT know the full extent of the medical problem and will NOT know more details regarding this current situation until tomorrow Wednesday, January 30, 2013, today would seem to me to be a really, really good day to force these known habitual criminals out of MY neighborhood and away from MY living spaces and food supply, otherwise, the result just might be fatal, and in the event that the latter IS now, or becomes true at any later date, the people of the soul have already personally stated words indicating the fact (and this IS a quote) “If the United States Federal Government continues to procrastinate regarding formally arresting and prosecuting the habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy harlot and her habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy drug addict friends for the crimes which they are EACH known to be guilty of committing, and she and or one of HER (the criminal stalker’s) friends are allowed to fatally harm the sun, then the people of the soul (the very SAME people of the soul whom are known to be subatomic in nature) will go on a rampage against the children of the United States Federal Government (including its armed forces) the likes of which has not been seen and or experienced on this planet since the days of Passover during the time of Moses of ancient Egypt” (end of quote), and, whether YOU care to believe their word or not, I unequivocally guarantee they (the people of the soul) do NOT bluff or make idle threats and or statements that they cannot achieve. Now seems to be a really, really good time to remove the known habitual criminal AND her friends from both, MY spiritual attributes AND my neighborhood. Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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