June 28, 2013 (2986-06282013)

In addition to the repeated attempts at electronically hurting my eyes and vision with repeated surges of voltage electricity which I truthfully stated and noted a true account of within my previous letter 2985-06282013, as of the 2:36PM time of today Friday, June 28, 2013 GMT – 7 Hours, the harlot and her friends are STILL refusing to quit using their electronic computer and numerous electrical wires as their weapon to repeatedly electronically surge me in the anus and surrounding buttocks and lower inner intestinal areas and my penis and testes and surrounding groin areas with extremely harmful and life threateningly hazardous currents of computer generated and or regulated voltage electricity which IS in fact STILL physically bothering me, and all of which IS in fact in addition to the fact that they are also STILL repeatedly sexually assaulting and raping me in the rectum inflicting the “Feeling” of themselves deliberately engaging in one of the woman repeatedly inserting and pulling out and reinserting another of the woman’s entire hand and forearm along with the electrical wires she is holding in her hand, into the rectum of another of the known guilty rapist thugs rectum which is ALSO still bothering me. I need help forcing them OFF my spiritual attributes.
Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, June 28, 2013

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