August 24, 2013 (4057-08242013)

After contemplating the composition of my previous letter of testimony 4056-08232013, I have realized that in composing the letter of testimony (4056-08232013) itself, I inadvertently neglected to include at least one sentence which makes the message I was attempting to impart more complete than the first publishing of letter (4056-08232013) conveyed, and thus, I am republishing this more accurate version of the aforementioned letter which DOES in fact more accurately convey and impart my message;

My dear Justin (Timberlake);
Something I should have told you the very day I heard what you had done (the words “what you had done” could by all means mean quite a few things, but within the context of THIS particular letter, meaning the benefit performance you did for the Shriners Children’s hospitals Saturday, February 02, 2013);

Your what my much beloved Grandma Allison used to call “the salt of the Earth” (Yes, this IS a good thing).

Although I did not tell you so at the time, YES, we DID notice.

Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity on behalf of at least one adorable young child whom I personally knew, and for and on behalf of so very many other sure to benefit “infant,” “young pre-teen,” and even “teenage” age children in need.

Please do not hesitate to call upon us (the soul and his people “the ancient sect of men” that I am the incarnate of) when you and or your family and or descendants whom you love and care for, are in need.

The soul and his people and I
Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, August 24, 2013

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