August 29, 2013 (4066-08292013)

As of 8:00PM this evening Thursday, August 29, 2013 GMT – 7 Hours, the harlot and her friends are electronically hurting me in my right kidney (and very possibly my liver as well) so severely and to such a severe degree, that unless something is done to force them and their electronic devices OFF of MY spiritual attributes really, really soon, I am truly going to need to either call an ambulance, of find some other way to get myself to an emergency room of a local nearby hospital to seek emergency medical help for their deliberate hurt and harm.

As I have repeatedly truthfully stated, these bags of shit have absolutely NO business whatsoever electronically connecting anything at all to MY flesh and bone bodily aura and crown because to do so is a constant threat to my health and entire life and doing such against the will of the soul and his people and I MUST be perceived by literally everyone concerned as a literal “attempted murder.” Further, as I have truthfully noted was all along and still IS the case, because of the fact that the Federal Government of the USA is STILL procrastinating and refusing to stop and prevent the harlot and her friends from victimizing the soul and his people and I in this and an entire variety of other cruel and inhumane manners and methods by simply shutting the group of known habitual criminals down and formally arresting and prosecuting them for the crimes which they are known to have repeatedly committed, I need outside help forcing them OFF my spiritual attributes, specifically, in this particular instance, I need outside help forcing the harlot and her friends OFF of the spiritual attributes known to be emanating from my flesh and bone bodily aura, else the result is also going to be fatal.
Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, August 29, 2013

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