September 27, 2013 (4131-09262013)

In addition to all else, although I simply do NOT know how the woman and her friends are gaining access to the inside of the privately owned home, I have extremely good reason to know damn good and well that as recent as between 1:30PM through 6:45PM today Friday, September 27, 2013 GMT – 7 Hours, at least one, possibly more of the habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy harlot and her habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy accomplice drug addict friends DID in fact commit yet another criminal burglary of the privately owned home I am known to be currently staying, and amidst all else that the woman and her friends did, they DID in fact once again maliciously tamper with the 30 gallon aquarium with some type of chemicals which turned the water so noticeably cloudy, that immediately upon return to the aforementioned privately owned home, not only did I innocently notice that a living-room window had been opened and left wide open for anyone else to gain illegal entry to the privately owned home (various items which were sitting upon the windowsill had been moved as though someone had crawled through the window from outside knocking the items onto the floor, and when the items were picked up and returned to the windowsill, they were not placed as I had left them prior to my departure away from the house at 1:30PM today Friday, September 27, 2013 GMT – 7 Hours which very strongly suggest that they either gained entry into, or left from inside through the aforementioned window), but I immediately noticed the cloudy aquarium water, which I had been innocently looking at as recent as mere moments prior to my departure away from the house at the aforementioned 1:30PM time of this afternoon Friday, September 27, 2013 GMT – 7 Hours. You folks of and throughout the hierarchy of the planet, those of you throughout the consortium of those who knows the sun lives, those of you throughout the Roman Catholic Church and its clergy, those of you throughout the “celebrity society” whom have known of me for years and years and years, and even all of those of you throughout the inner workings of Television Land such as the owners and general managers of television and cable company studios and stations, and even the various news anchors and reporters that know of the sun remember, it currently IS, and has been all along, the one and only United States Federal Government whom is constantly placing not only MY very own, but other innocent unsuspecting citizens of the USA directly within the path of imminent harms way in life threatening danger by knowingly allowing this bitch and her friends the freedom to stay within MY neighborhood and continuing to criminally spy upon all of us with their electronic equipment which MUST be shut down, and by continuing commit the very same repeatedly committed crimes against us, because I can, and unequivocally DO assure each and every single one of you, the soul of God and his people and I will.
Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, September 27, 2013

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