January 30, 2014 (4442-01302014)

In addition to the STILL ongoing maliciously inflicted homosexual “hand” rape in which the harlot and her friends ARE in fact STILL maliciously deliberately inflicting the “feeling” of themselves repeatedly inserting at least one of the bitch’s entire hand and forearm holding their electrical wires into the rectum of another of the bags of shit of the group, and in addition to the exact same followingly described electrical “burning” literally all day long yesterday Wednesday, January 29, 2014 GMT – 7 Hours, as recent as during the 6:00AM hour of this very morning today Thursday, January 30, 2014 GMT = 7 Hours the very same harlot and accomplice friends are once again maliciously deliberately severely electronically burning me in the rectum and lower intestinal tract and urethra and urinary tract and bladder with extremely harmful and painful currents of voltage electricity which are being deliberate via their methamphetamine drug cooker which they maliciously electronically connected to the living aura and various living chakras of soul known to be emanating from MY flesh and bone bodily buttocks (my aura) and the electrical wires being repeatedly inserted into the rectum and vagina of the butt-ugly stupid bag of shit of the group of the habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy harlot and her habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy accomplice drug addict friends seen cowering behind their electronic camera pretentiously pretending to be “working” upon the eyes of the sun while in reality doing nothing less than actively committing the crime of “cyber stalking” and “eavesdropping” and “spying” upon the soul and his people and I and the various other innocent unsuspecting citizens of the public at large I innocently see and or come into contact with throughout my day, steeling my own and others personal details and information from me and other innocent unsuspecting citizens I innocently see and or come into contact with through my day as she and her friends repeatedly disrupts the moments of our day repeatedly bothering my eyes and vision as she simultaneously awaits her and her friends opportunity to victimize those whom they are criminally spying upon, Something MUST transpire to force this bitch and her friends AND their voltage electricity OFF of MY flesh and bone bodily aura else the result WILL be catastrophic.
Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, January 30, 2014

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