August 13, 2014 (4798-08132014)

My Dear Celine (Dion), I am so very sorry to hear about you and your husband’s most recent health concerns and I can and do assure you that I have personally spoken to the soul and his people “the ancient sect of men” regarding such, and, I am hoping that both you, and your husband are much better soon.

Please know that although I currently know of nothing wrong with them, the health of your children are also within my prayers.

It would please me very much for you to know in your heart and mind that no matter how long you and your husband (Rene Angelli) and your children may live, the soul and his people that I am will always be here waiting to welcome you each back home.

If you (Celine) should ever need of me and or of that which I am, please do not hesitate to think of my crown in your minds eye and think of or call out my name and know the soul and his people that I am will hear you.

With much hope for you AND your husband and family,

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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