December 12, 2014 (4848-12112014) Salvation Army

As I have ALSO repeatedly, deliberately done the last several years (since 2005) around the time of my birthday, I am once again reprinting this previously written (but newly updated) testimony as a method of reaffirming that as of today, Friday, December 12, 2014, this testimony (the true testimony within this letter), IS in fact still the heart-felt truth of my dealings with, and personal feelings about the “Salvation Army” and its staff whom HAS in fact helped me along my way throughout my day repeatedly over the years.

Although in extremely stark contrast to the following letter of true testimony regarding the Roman Catholic Church and its clergy and all of the various other world-wide religious organizations; During the winter of 2001 after I had returned from Australia, very near December 25th I ether saw or heard an ad by the Salvation Army reminding us all that the Christmas season was a time that they did their most visible drive for funds through the kettle at the entrances of stores and the volunteers that mind them. It really didn’t take much contemplation at the time for me to remember times I’ve found myself walking into a Salvation Army office seeking help. So, that winter (the winter of 2001) I asked the people of the soul (the ancient sect of men) to compose a personal “thank you” letter to the Salvation Army that was complete with all the names of those in the various Salvation Army offices that I had been in, along with the various dates, times, and reasons for my visits and virtually all the details that would be a personal “thank you” from myself to all those working for the Salvation Army that had helped me along the way, and, a “thank you” to the organization (the Salvation Army) itself for being there for me when I needed help. At the time (the winter of 2001) I had hoped that everyone throughout the industry that had ether knew of, or had heard of me would see the letter of thanks I had asked the people of the soul to compose and that they (everyone throughout the industry that had ether knew of, or had heard of me that had seen the letter composed by the people of the soul) would pass along the truth of the reality of how much they (the Salvation Army) had helped me, in their own way. The woman (the harlot herself) in the apartment or whatever facility she was housed within at that time (the winter of 2001) that was at that time and is now (as of this very day today Thursday, December 12, 2013) still being allowed the freedom by the United States Federal Government to continue illegally spying on me, witnessed me speaking to the people of the soul and also witnessed the letter they (the people of the soul) had composed, but rather than letting folks outside of the apartment or facility (whatever apartment or facility the harlot was housed within at that time) see that I was thanking a world-wide Christian origination that had helped me on numerous occasions, she took the letter the people of the soul had composed on my behalf and deliberately cut it up into pieces using her and her friends electronic digital (or analog) video recorder/player telephone and used it to further her repeated con job deception against all those out there she had been deliberately lying to and deceiving, so my personal “thank you” to the Salvation Army and its staff was never seen by anyone outside the Kansas City apartment or facility (whatever apartment or facility she was housed within at that time) in its entirety or within its original context (the letters whole form and context). A couple of days ago I saw or heard the Salvation Army’s message again, and again I spoke to the people God (e.g. “the people of the soul” or “the ancient sect of men”) noting that although I do not remember all the precise details of the names or dates as the people of the soul do, however, I do remember some of the places and how I felt at times of being helped by the Salvation Army and I can tell you, writing this letter was at the time (2001) and still is today the right thing for me to do (and this IS it); Hey everybody, The Salvation Army is a really Good organization, although some might not know, they are a Christian organization that seems to have left the big business of religion somewhere else. Now it might seem at first glance that I just slammed them but the real truth is that they do have many houses of worship and they do celebrate, and praise the life and love of the lord whom IS God, they simply don’t make a big business out of doing it, what they do make a big business out of is helping folks in need regardless of race, color or creed. I have been to Salvation Army offices and their centers of worship on four completely separate continents and was treated with dignity and respect in each, AND, I have been repeatedly helped by numerous of the Salvation Army offices I have personally visited. I have stayed in various different Salvation Army facilities when I didn’t have any place to stay. I have bathed myself at various different Salvation Army facilities when I didn’t have anyplace to bathe. I have been fed three meals a day in Salvation Army facilities when I couldn’t afford food for my tummy. I have been given food vouchers that enabled me to purchase my own food from various grocery stores and have been given bags of food from their food pantries too. I have also been given monetary support in the form of a rent deposit when I couldn’t afford to rent an apartment to get myself off the street. I have been given gift certificates that enabled me to purchase various items from stores that I couldn’t otherwise afford, I also have been given vouchers to purchase articles of clothing from their thrift stores to wear at times when I was homeless and could not afford to buy my own, and during the year 2007 I was afforded the opportunity to purchase an automobile from one of their many auto auctions that turned out to be a very good automobile which I thoroughly enjoyed driving to quite a few completely separate and different areas of the United States of America, and even more, I have personally sat within their sanctuaries and have sang and praised the soul of God with Salvationist and have left their sanctuaries feeling good inside. What they do for folks in need seems to me to be without judgment or prejudice of the predicaments we can sometimes find ourselves in. I don’t have a lot of money to offer them (the Salvation Army) but what I do have is a very close personal relationship with the Holy Spirit himself and the people of the soul of God (e.g. the people of the soul or the ancient sect of men) whom are alive and well and living within him (the Holy Spirit) that I have spoken to, telling of the kindness they (the Salvation Army) have shown me over the years, and a hope that those of you out there that know of me will pass along, in any way you can, that I was treated with much respect and dignity by all of them (The Salvation Army) and that they (The Salvation Army) DID in fact help me many times. This letter IS my testament truthfully telling so.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, December 12, 2008

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday December 14, 2009

Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday December 12, 2010

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, December 12, 2011

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, December 12, 2014

(Upon review of this particular version of this previously published letter of true testimony, I noted that within three previously published versions of this very letter (December 12, 2011, 2012, and 2013) I noted that the above noted vehicle which I had bought at a Salvation Army action during the year 2007, which had been taken away from me by a local law enforcement agency on March 30th of the year 2011 because of the fact that local field agents of the FBI did not fulfill their promise to help me as they had promised to do, and I would like to personally acknowledge that since the last December 12th date I have come to find out and or believe that it was NOT the local field agents of the FBI whom had not come to my aid as I had truthfully believed, and although I DO in fact now know the entity whom WAS in fact responsible for not coming to my aid at the time, I would not care to mention their identity here because of the fact that in MY opinion, the situation is closed and I am done with the matter, period. Further, I would also like to extend a formal personal apology to the local FBI agents for wrongfully accusing them in this matter, and this IS said apology, Stephen Wayne Reno December 11, 2014, further, if in the event that I ever find out it really WAS the local FBI field agents that DID in fact do this to me, I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN AND DO NOT WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE THIS SITUATION AND MATTER IS OVER, PERIOD, AND I DON’T EVER WANT TO HERE OF IT AGAIN)

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