March 15, 2015 (4878-03152015)

Something else which I believe is extremely important for me to notice and truthfully document a true account of so that true justice may be achieved, in addition to the absolute provable fact that the harlot and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices are STILL engaging in sexual activity (that of repeatedly inserting electrical wires and one of the women’s hand and forearm into the rectum of both, the man of the aforementioned group AND the puppet glove coward woman always seen laying upon her back, and electrical wires into the vagina of the very same puppet glove coward woman always seen laying upon her back) while electronically connected directly to the living aura and various living chakras of soul known to ben emanating from MY flesh and bone body, these very same aforementioned family of cowards once again cowardly resumed electronically hurting my right foot just about the time of sunset yesterday Saturday, March 14, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours with explicit intentions of preventing the soul and his people and I from being able to enjoy ourselves out and about dancing at a local night-club establishment and the soul and his people and I also feel that this coward woman AND her known guilty criminal accomplices should suffer punishment and justice for this cowardly act of criminal malice as well. Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, March 15, 2015

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