Irrelevant of what I may have thought (which was undoubtedly deceptively MISSTATED by the harlot and her family of crap), and or inadvertently caused folks to believe WITH my thoughts during the last few days, the fact of the matter is that I really do quite enjoy the “x-men” movies and franchise (such as “wolverine”), and, I have NOT grown tired of seeing the movies themselves, nor the vast majority of the actors and actresses acting in them. I mean really, do any of you really truthfully believe that I myself (and, or, anyone else for that matter) have gotten tired of seeing Hugh Jackman strutting his stuff as “wolverine” with tight jeans and or no shirt on ???

Hello, I know I damn sure haven’t.

Like it or not, believe it or not, I really do like, and have NOT gotten tired of seeing others such as Haile Berry strutting HER stuff as “Storm” either.

Even further, I really don’t believe anyone else has either.

Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ps, Hugh, the harlot says that you (yes, I do mean YOU personally) have publicly decried and  lambasted the sun for littering up the television screen with images of, well, lets just say “images from below the belt.” If this is true (and I don’t see why it would be what with the harlot and her family being lying bags of shit), then this message IS in fact to YOU. IF on the other hand it isn’t, then this message is NOT for you, but for all of those out there that erroneously believe such garbage.

This is the message;

Listen here bucko (that’s pronounced buck-oh), don’t you or anyone else blame the eyes of the sun, NOR the sun himself, NOR the soul and or his people for littering up the television and or computer screen with below the belt visuals because you ALL know damn good and well that this type of visuals was NEVER EVER EVER EVER seen in and or through the eyes of the sun until the electronic camera was first introduced and used to see into and through the eyes of the sun. I did NOT ask for the electronic camera, the federal government and the society wanted it. THEY (the federal government and the society) wanted to see into and through the eyes of the sun (hence the creation of the I-Max theater) then got tired of and or afraid to use it so they gave it to the harlot and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices for some stupider than stupid “face” bulshit and crap which the soul and his people and I could never stomach to begin with. It was the old butt-ugly puppet bitch with the putrid butt-ugly face crap whom HAS in fact been stupid enough to then decide, in her own infinite wisdom (or lack of, and yes the word infinite IS in fact sarcasm) to refuse to quit aiming the fucking thing (the electronic camera) down between everyone’s legs instead of at the ceiling as it was intended to be aimed, which then, and ONLY then began littering up the television and computer screens with below the belt visuals, so if anyone is blamed for the more than twenty-five years of destroyed recordings all across the nation, and I do mean ANYONE at all, then blame the stupid bitch that refused to aim the fucking camera UP where it was supposed to be aimed, OR, simply blame ALL of those who knew (because I spent twenty consecutive years plus telling everyone so) what the stupid bitch was doing but never-the-less refused to do anything about it because they were so terrified to know of and or come to the aid of the sun.

NOW, you (and every one else) know the truth.

Ps, I like your movies and I think you are a really nice (and quite good-looking) guy, and don’t forget to tell your wife I said so.

Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pss, why not tell the harlot and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices to shut her fucking mouth.

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