August 18, 2015 (4992-08182015)

So, I began my search, my search for sex (my search for the very much-needed sexual companionship that my physical and emotional body and mind needs to continue a happy-go-lucky attitude and mindset and body absent of emotional heartache and distress) during the early morning hour of 8:00AM yesterday morning Monday, August 17, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours. I spent more than twelve continual consecutive hours on my search until just about 9:00PM yesterday evening, when to my surprise and immediate pleasure, I had an offer. It was a legitimate offer in which I was propositioned by someone interested in meeting ME (as adverse to someone wanting to force me to approach themselves), a someone that even offered to allow me to come to their house (as adverse to someone with no place to take me to), and thus, a true, legitimate offer was made, and guess what, I had accepted the offer as well. Within five minutes of seeing that I had found someone to tend to MY needs (as adverse to so very many whom profess to want to do, but whom when push comes to shove would rather say that I wasn’t really interested because I did not find them like the needle in the haystack or say hello to them even though they knew who I was verses me NOT knowing who they are thus it is easier for them to say a hello to me than vice versa which is what has been placed within the box) the butt-ugly hear me speak bitch whom was laying upon her back spying upon me throughout the entire day had picked up her electronic device and had either called the phone number she stole from me (which the individual had given to me), or she emailed the individual’s URL (which she also stole from me while spying upon me), and the individual was then threatened by the woman and intimidated out of fulfilling the offer (the offer to alleviate my need) and instead, was forced into retracting their offer for a rain check later this week. In essence, I spent the whole fucking day searching and when I finally did get an offer, this bitch did her fucking cock-blocking which she thought was funny (she was seen bragging about what she had done) cheated me out of it. I could have awaken this morning happy go lucky with a smile upon my face but instead, because of this bitch, I awoke angry and hostile and damn fucking tired of you folks using this bitch and her fucking family of drug addict frigid horrors. I don’t seem to know how to reach all of you folks out there but I have repeatedly told you “the soul and his people and I are in NO way shape form or fashion contractually obligated to this bitch and or her family and or her company.” She has no contract on us. “the soul and his people and I are in NO way shape form or fashion legally obligated to this bitch and or her family and or her company either” meaning, she has no holds over us and we do not owe her anything whatsoever. In truth, this bitch has never even meet the soul and his people and I, I don’t even know her fucking given name, let alone her fucking surname, she just crawled out from under some rock one day and began hating us because we saw the beauty in everything and loved everyone and she thought that sucked so bad she hated us and began victimizing us and has in fact spent thirty plus consecutive years doing so and we just want rid of her. This fucking cock blocking bitch needs to be stopped and with this very letter I AM advising the fed, we know this bitch’s cock blocking and illegal spying are crimes, so why not peruse her to a state and or federal prison and get her OFF of us.

I do HAVE the right to have sex with anyone I damn well chose (as long as it is a willing age of consent adult) and this bitch and her family have NO legal right or recourse to stop and or prevent it. I don’t know what it is that she tells these folks while she is doing her fucking cock blocking but I sure would like to see them tell her to go fuck herself elsewhere and NOT be intimidated by her threats. You notice this bitch and her family don’t tell me I can’t have sex with someone, they know I would simply tell them to go fuck themselves and then I would do so anyway, that is why she goes to do her cock blocking on the individual I am conversing with and I don’t know what hold she has over them but I would expect them to do the very same as I do (tell her to go fuck herself).

This hear me speak bitch AND her family of horrors have repeatedly proven that I simply cannot live a normal life with her and her family spying upon and using MY eyes and soul and that IS sufficient cause to remove her. This bitch and her family ARE cheating me out of being able to innocently live my life and we want rid of her. Please advise everyone you can, this bitch and her family are NOT law enforcement officials, these individuals she is cock blocking are NOT obligated to do as she and her family say, she and her family are NOT the authorities and do NOT have any legal right to regulate our lives or to tell us we can’t have sex with whomever we chose. She and her family do NOT have the right to stop and or prevent someone else’s sex life, and most certainty NOT mine. I’m free, white, and well over the age of 21. Fuck her I’ll fuck who I damn well please.

This bitch and her family are NOT in charge of us nor our lives, is she in charge of YOU and or YOUR life ???

This letter represents my very own personal plea to the local city, and state, and federal law enforcement authorities and government personally advising all of you, we, the soul and his people and I, would very much like for you to “charge” and then prosecute this woman and her family for disrupting our lives with their cock-blocking which we all know IS a federal crime. Lock the bitch and her family up in a federal and or state pen where they can no longer hurt and or harm anyone at all and fucking be done with it, especially if you want OUR help and support in YOUR lives and endeavors.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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