August 20, 2015 (4993-08202015)

In addition to the absolute provable fact that the habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy harlot and her “hear-me-speak” coward and remaining family of known guilty criminal accomplices are STILL causing water-blisters and the resulting flesh wound sores being left as the result, upon my arms, these very same known guilty criminal cowards ARE in fact still cowardly committing their “cock-blocking” routine which is STILL making it impossible for me to find someone to fulfill my needs out and about in my regularly known venues (the very same venues which by the way I have used for the entire 35 consecutive years that I have been a sexually active adult), and even online as well, and DID in fact deliberately do so on several completely separate and different instances throughout the entire day yesterday Wednesday, August 19, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours beginning with steeling an individuals profile URL on a dating and “hookup” website which she saw while illegally criminally spying upon me via the use of my eyes and an electronic camera, which she then used (the individual’s profile URL) to text a cock-blocking message to (the individual whom I had received an offer from) which DID in fact cost me the night with the individual, which was then followed by a night of numerous completely separate and different verbal messages via the woman’s telephone to at least two individuals I was actively pursuing a night of fun with, both of whom I was very seriously “making a pass at” and or “coming on to” and or “cruising” in hopes of getting an invitation to spend the night with, at least one of whom (one of the two individuals I was “cruesing”) was deliberately told by the woman cock-blocker ” via the very same telephone throughout the evening “not to invite me home” because I was interested in the other individual, but that was a lie told by the cock-blocker because I was equally interested in both indivuduals and I repeatedly displayed such interest verbally and physically to such a depth that they BOTH knew I was interested, hell, I even thought about wanting them both all night long (I did not even adjourn for an outside smoke as I usually do because I did not want to walk away from either of them), never the less, because of woman’s electronically transmitted cock-blocking verbiage which was cowardly combined with the woman telling one of them NOT to take me home, I was again cheated out of yet another night of sexual fun and fulfillment from at least one of the two individuals, even though BOTH were at least acting as if they were interested in spending the night with me (the guilty woman whom WAS in fact overheard stated that she told the individual not to take me home because I was interested in the other individual of the two but it was NOT the bitch’s business to interfear with MY life NOR the lives of others). Then, as if to say that cheating me out of someone from an online “hookup” URL earlier in the evening, which was followed by cheating me out of another individual at a local night-club establishment was not enough to please her for one day, I was then cheated again by the woman cock-blocker AND cowardly stolen from as well by the coward woman cock-blocker whom by the 1:30AM hour of the morning this morning Thursday, August 20, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours had become so vehemently insistent on preventing me from being able to have a night of sexual fun and fulfillment with someone, that when she saw (through the commission of illegally eavesdropping and spying upon me via MY eyes and an electronic camera) that someone else all together different had spotted my profile upon, and texted me an email message from another newer “hookup” website which was so new that she had not had time to do as she did to the other dating URL’S (see footnote) that she literally used the very same telephone to instruct someone near and in the same room that I was in, someone whom she obviously recognized as one of her allegiant stalkers not only willing to stalk me, but to steel from me as well, to literally steel my eye and reading glasses so that I literally could not see to read the individuals’ email message so I could not respond to accept the offer the individual was wanting to make to have me over for the night. This is the very same bitch whom used her telephone to have one of her personal  stalkers steel my cell phone from me a mere two months ago, and during the 1:00AM hour of this morning Thursday, August 20, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours, the bitch instructed another of her personal stalkers to steal my reading glasses from me so that I could not accept an offer being made to me via the Internet, and I told all of you this bitch has been using this very same telephone and a stalker she had stalking me steal from me for more than twenty-five calendar years. This bitch and her stalkers simply cannot be allowed to spy and stalk me because they are too willing to do things such as tamper with my food and steal from me. I can’t have this bitch and her family using my eyes and or vision nor their camera nor my inner spear and corona nor any of MY domain period because I cant live a normal life with her and her family. This bitch and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices have not only made it absolutely impossible for me to innocently live my life in peace, but they have also literally made it absolutely impossible for me to innocently have a normal sex and social life using the regular normally used venues that I have been using for my sex and social life for thirty-five consecutive calendar years, and this in itself puts me directly within the path of harms way because it has made it necessary for me to return to two of the very same venues I previously used prior to my turning twenty-one (years of age) and many of you know exactly what these two venues are, and because of the fact that this was deliberately done to me by the very representative whom was deliberately forced upon the soul and his people and I as a cock-blocker (the harlot and the hear me speak bitch) by the parent organization, whatever problems, or hardship, or detriment caused by my necessity of returning to these aforementioned two venues should be blamed directly upon the shoulders of the frigid harlot, and her hear-me-speak accomplice whom IS in fact the cock-blocker AND the criminal spy, and the parent organization whom refused to simply stop using the woman and her family and remove them from MY eyes and soul. I know you all believe that I should simply tuck my dick in between my legs and wear a chastity belt the rest of my life but I’m fifty plus not dead and I am NOT going to do so because I need my sex and social life, and if returning to the aforementioned two venues does not solve my problem, then a trip to the hardware or toy store will. And if it becomes nessasary for me to do so (and I already believe that it has become nessasary for me to do so) then I will find another nation to innocently live the remainder of our lives within that will allow us to innocently live our lives AND have a fucking sex and social life as well.

I think it is absolutely pathetic that all of you whom have so often professed a fondness of the soul and his people and I, have left this bitch and her accomplices upon MY eyes and vision and soul and domain for so long that you have destroyed our hopes for a future. Shame on all of you.

I further feel and know in my heart that it is absolutely pathetic that you have all, through your complacency, forced someone with a stature of that which you all know damn good and well that I am, into returning to my pre adult venues for something as simple and as easy to fix as sex, especially at such a awkward time of our lives with so much else everyone wanted and or hoped for going on in our lives.

Why don’t you all open your fucking eyes and take off your shades and take a really good look at how other folks deal with “high-profile” individuals so that they can get their sex lives and or quota filled because I sure as hell know damn good and well you wont find anyone cock-blocking them. You won’t find them (other high profile individuals) being forced into going through the type of crap and or to the type of venues you have all forced me into and or into returning to just to get their sexual fulfillment either. This is the second time you all forced me into this type of situation within the very same six month period of time. Shame on ALL of you for doing this to the soul and his people and I at this stage of our lives with so much else which we wanted at stake.

It was each and every single one of you that allowed this bitch and her family the freedom to continue doing this to us which has forced us into that which we now have to do to simply have a fucking sex life and because of it, I don’t want to hear a damn fucking word out of any of you about it. Not one damn word. I know every damn fucking ne of you have you OWN sex lives and escapades and yet you all act like you believe that I should not be allowed the very same. What are all of you, frigid like the fucking harlot.

You members of the society (and yes I do know who you all are) and consortium (and I know who YOU all are too) have given an electronic camera specifically calibrated to be used to transmit and see into and across MY eyes and vision and crown, along with direct access to MY eyes and vision and crown, and what she has done is use the unfair advantage over me as her weapon to steel from and physically and emotionally hurt and assault the soul and his people and I repeatedly over a thirty yearlong period of time, and to defame our character by lying about what she sees while illegally spying upon me, and to destroy my sex and social life at a time when we simply wanted a little more than what we had and I am fucking offended. How could so very many of you all allow this to happen to the man you all know to be as I am and the soul and his people themselves. How could you have all been so stupid as to give the task of fixing MY sex life to the very same bitch known to have tried to sever my penis a decade ago. Are you all fucking crazy or just stupid ?

The unfair advantage currently held by this harlot and her hear me speak bitch and family AND the use of my eyes and vision and crown and aura and inner corona and sphere and the entirety of OUR domain WILL be taken away from this fucking cock blocking bitch and her family. Be ready for it, and don’t expect anything from me until this situation is fixed. I’m fucking tired of this bitch and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices. I am tired of the bitch cock-blocking. Get her of us.

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, August 20, 2015




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