August 28, 2015 (4999-08282015)

Do you really wanna know what a true case of cruel and inhumane torture really is, how about this, I have been forced to wake up every single day of the week, literally seven days a week, four weeks a month, twelve months a year since 1992 staring at the butt ugly “hear me speak” bitch laying in her fucking potty chair on her fucking back waving her fucking puppet glove directly in my face as she simultaneously verbally harasses and torments and tells her fucking lies. That’s more than eight thousand three hundred and seventy-two fucking consecutive days in a row without ever missing a single solitary day, and all because (according to her) the society and or consortium wanted her sitting there. I believe this bitch should be prosecuted for the cruel and inhumane torture of forcing herself and the crap that she does, BOTH of which (the bitch herself and the crap she does) I have never liked, upon my visual cortex against my will. I can’t stomach this bitch and her family NOR the garbage she and her family do and I am really, really sick and fucking tired of being forced to wake up to such a stupid bitch and such ugliness and garbage. Can you imagine someone doing this to YOU for twenty three fucking years. Why doesn’t someone get this bitch out of my face. You all know someone should be criminally prosecuted for so very cowardly doing this to the soul and his people and I for such a cruel and inhumane period of time.

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, August 28, 2015

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