August 29, 2015 (5001-08292015)

In addition to the already proven fact that the very same butt-ugly and stupid bitch was once again laying upon her back harassing and tormenting and bothering and disrupting the moments of our day the very moment I awoke, in addition to the already proven fact that this very same bitch along with the help of her accomplices have already resumed cowardly causing the very same electronically inflicted severe and life threateningly critical head and body heat upon MY flesh and bone body. The people of the soul have indicated that she and her accomplices are cowardly using a material which she and her family refer to as they “stuff” to do this to me and therefore, their “stuff” has been destroyed and prevented from being of further assistance to the cowards doing this to us, the “hear-me-speak bitch and her frigid harlot friend and remaining family of known guilty criminals have once again cowardly resumed causing more of the very same water-blister flesh wound sores upon my arms and have already caused three of said water-blister flesh wound sores as recent as this very morning today Saturday, August 28, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours and I am telling and advising all of you that the skin upon my left and right arms has become so severely damaged by the cowards and their refusal to electronically disconnect and remove the weapons that it just may become necessary to literally cut the power to their building so as to force them offline and off of my soul. This bitch and her families continued refusal to quit using these items to hut and harm and scar my flesh and bone body proved beyond any doubt whatsoever of their intent to critically hurt and harm and disfigure my flesh and bone body, and this makes criminal action and punitive damages an open and shut case which should have already been achieved. Further, if in the event that the parent organization simply cannot find it in their hearts to remove their member so that the rest of the criminals can be immediately apprehended, then the parent organization should be held responsible for ALL of the actions and deeds of their representative.

Stephen Wayne Reno August 29, 2015

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