October 29, 2015 (5091-10292015) Letter written to Scott (Michael Laurn)

The below is a personal letter I personally composed and emailed to an individual named Scott (he went by the name of Scott but I have reason to believe that his real name was Michael) whom had asked me just exactly what it was that I was looking for in a mate. These words came from the heart. The below truly IS in fact exactly what it is I am looking for in a mate / Friend.

No matter how many read this letter, no matter who I may find as the result, this letter will have always been written for the above mentioned man who said his name was Scott.

What I am really looking for in a mate is someone whom is not afraid of being with and or near and or that of spending time with me irrelevant of what anyone else believes and or thinks about it.

I’m looking for someone who is sturdy physically and emotionally and even spiritually, but due to their fondness of me, are week in the knees when they see and or are around spending time with me.

I’m looking for someone that IS in need of having someone else like me to spend their time with, no matter what it is that we do on any given day of the week.

I’m looking for someone that is fun to be around, and whom finds ME fun to be around so that OUR time together is fun and enjoyable for the both of us.

I really and truly am a touchy touchy touchy feely feely type of person, and thus, I’m looking for someone that does not fear and or whom does not mind the touch of my hand when I’m near enough to touch them.

I’m looking for someone that does not fear and or mind the glance or gaze of my eyes as my eyes meet their own (eyes).

I’m looking for someone that does NOT have the need to see with their heart the fact that my teeth may not be as good as everyone else’s, if for no other reason than because of the fact that the warmth of my smile is every bit as warm as anyone else’s, and maybe even more so.

I’m looking for someone who would choose to see the amazing intellect and very intelligent high I.Q. that I am and have been blessed with instead of the fact that I may not be fully capable of spelling words like a champion spelling be winner.

I’m looking for someone that does not mind the fact that I treat them with the respect of being someone that WANTED to spend time with me, as adverse to someone whom simply did so for whatever OTHER reason that may at any time be in play.

I’m looking for someone that has a very outgoing personality that wants to far excel above all the rest in every conceivable way imaginable.

I’m looking for someone that enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities, as well as all sorts of indoors activities, as well as simply sitting around doing absolutely nothing more than quietly reading a book or simply watching the television, and whom truly wants to do all of the above with me.

I’m looking for someone that can be comfortable with the knowledge of that which I am, and have always been known to be.

I’m looking for someone that wants to dance with their soul at least one night a week just for the fun and amazement of doing so.

I’m looking for someone that does not need to question, and or can simply deal with my quirkiness and or eccentricities, instead of being weird-ed out and or embarrassed about and or over them.

I’m looking for someone that does not mind or fear my inner fondness of and or desire of, and or to be with them.

I’m looking for someone that won’t be bothered and or embarrassed by the fact that I have a very large habit of innocently taking a brief moment intermittently all throughout my day to innocently stop and say a “hello” in whatever fashion form doing such may take the form of, to many, and or at least some of the men, women, and children I happen to see and or come into contact with walking along my way throughout my day.

Although in truth, a person’s personality and mindset IS in fact more important to me than good looks, and I DO in fact realize this fact, never the less, I’m looking for someone that IS in fact aesthetically appealing enough to make me want to stair at them, if for no other reason than so as to cause me the desire to very blaitnly stand up within a crouded room and gleefully point my finger at and say, “that’s what I getting tonight,” and I am looking for someone that does not mind that I do so (of course, it must be noted, that I am going to do this to and about whatever mate I do in fact find irrelevant of their asthetic apearence, if for no other reason, than because true beauty is within the eye of the beholder, and spirituality and personality trump asthetic apearences and or good looks which ultimately do fade away with time).

And although this may in fact sound selfish of me, I am looking for someone that enjoys, and whom is sexually active with me enough so that I never have the inner physical and or emotional want and or need and or desire to look elsewhere to have my sexual desires and need fulfilled no matter what it is that we do with ourselves sexually and or in bed.
I’m looking for someone that can either already know, or truthfully find out just exactly who it is and what it is that I truly am, and STILL have the courage to be comfortable enough with yourself AND the fact that I care for you, to simply be yourself instead of what others may believe and or wants you to be.

And although your lack of personal knowledge of and or about me personally may in fact at this particular time make this statement a question mark to you (meaning the feeling of “what the hell is he talking about may in fact be prevalent, and although I would rather NOT answer questions as to what I mean regarding this statement), never-the-less, I’m looking for someone whom has the balls, and or Chutzpah, and or the capability of peacefully and enjoyably standing next to and with me inside the house as well as outside the house even though I am currently, and have been every moment of my entire life, standing directly within the limelight of the most visible spot upon the planet itself, and I need the someone to be able to do so without really giving a damn about it, and without having the need to run and hide themselves from the millions of prying eyes and minds looking.

Although we never truly know how much time we have, and or just exactly who will be our last true love, in essence, what I am truly looking for is very simply someone to fall in love with and care for and enjoy and protect, for what very possibly could be the very last time in my life.
And most importantly of all, I’m looking for someone that can find it in their heart to simply want to, and make every effort to be good to the very much alive and living entity of soul and his people that I, and in fact, that we BOTH are.

Yes, believe it or not, I’m looking for someone for all of the above and even more which I have not taken the time to compose testimony of here within this letter, including someone that does not mind that I really don’t like having to compose letters of this type, but was willing to do so in hopes of pleasing someone the likes of you.
WOW, looking at this letter most surly seems to me as though what I am really looking for is someone whom is nothing less than that of a true miracle.
Monday, June 02, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours

P. (Protected) C. (copy written) 2015 By The soul and his people I am and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, October 29, 2015

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