November 24, 2015 (5120-11242015)

The coward laying on her back woman resumed online cock blocking during the 5:00pm hour of today Tuesday, November 24, 2015 cheating me out of a hookup.

Coward woman waving glove laying on back resumed online cock blocking @ 6:15pm today Tuesday, November 24, 2015.

Cowards illegally accessed an online hookup URL via the backdoor to the internet and MY cell phone literally while I was amidst a text conversation with someone interested in me and cowardly deleted the whole text conversation I was engaged in along with the persons entire profile right as I was texting at 7:24pm as yet another online cock block which again cheated me and the individual. I WILL notify the hookup URL owner in hopes they prosecute.

If the fed refuses to intervene ill divulge the backdoor to the internet globally and get them ALL shut down for global security reasons, or ill let everyone all across the globe use the very same backdoor which I will be asking the soul and people to allow globally so the fed will have to shut everything, even the society down.

I’m tired of this bitch and HER accomplices (the men she or whoever retained) doing this fucking cock blocking.

I WILL take everyone’s use away if I am forced into needing to because of these cowards. They have cheated me and others out of the moments of our lives once too often, and I bet if I divulge the back door to television land to the public globally, I can get this bitch and her men shut down, and probably a whole bunch of others in really hot water, maybe even destroy a whole bunch of careers too.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, November, 24, 2015

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