November 25, 2015 (5121-11252015)

The laying on her back bitch and the men aiding and abetting her have made it impossable for the soul and his people and I innocently to find anyine online to spend time with us because of her illegal access to and of MY cell phone using the color “white” of the short wave spectrum which is ALSO the very same that AOL uses as their instant messenger from which (her illegal access to my cell phone) she and her accomplices have been cowardly imposing their cock blocking. This very same laying on her back bitch and another group of men have made it impossable for me to find what i need at the bars and night clubs as well through the cowardly commission of this very same cock-blocking in which whomever this bitch instructs to do so, comes running to her aid personally intervening in my attempts at innocently finding someone. I am hereby notifying everyone with this letter, these people are not friends of the soul and his people and I, they are the enemy we will part out and destroy until they each drop dead of whatever complications befall themselves. The soul and his people and I have tried in vein to assert that the cock-blocking is NOT the way but evidently, you do not seem to grasp the message but, the soul and his people and I can live our lives anywhere, anywhere upon the globe at all, and therefore, if in the event that we cannot find that which we are looking for here in our current city and state, then we shall find another nation and do so there, and until then, we’ll do something else. If in the event that you, you meaning anyone at all, are illegally spying upon and or accessing MY soul and or likeness for any reason whatsoever when we do (whatever it is that we decide to do to compensate for the fact that we cannot find anyone to spend time with us because of these cowards and their parent organization funding their cock blocking and crimes against us), then ill find a way to expose you, no matter who you are, to the public at large and whatever happends as the result is yopur very own fault and nobody else’s because with this very letter, you are hereby advised to know better, NO MATTER WHAT REASON OR EXCUSE YOU CHOSE TO USE. This warning includes but is not limited to hooking yourself up to “feel” us as well which we have just advised you all NOT to do. Further, I don’t want anyone, not anyone at all electronically connected to and or hooked up to my soul and or likeness and or domain either, and I mean not at all, not at anytime of the day and or night, not for any reason whatsoever and if you do, I will seek vengeance against you no matter who you are because this is a clear violation of MY right to privacy, period. This is unilateral, meaning this message is to the entire species of Homo sapiens, period. So that you know, based explisitly upon what I was created to be this era, I perceive my sex life to be of vital importance to my physical and emotional health and well being and anyone attempting stopping me from having one is quite obviously NOT helping the soul and his people and I and in fact are being nothing less that a threat to our physical and emotional health and well being AND happiness as well and shall be treated by the soul AND his people AND I myself accordingly. Even further, just so you know, I perceive my sex life to be of more importance that any of those of you so cowardly willing to stop me from having one, and I shall perceive, and treat those willing to do so for this coward woman and her organization, accordingly as well. Take this message to heart, because we do.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno. Wednesday, November, 25, 2015

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