December 18, 2015 (5150-12182015)

I know everyone out there that knows of me is obviously quite content that I am currently needing, because of such limited income, to live in a hostel dorm type of housing situation (you know, a bunk bed in a room with seven other bunks). I know this because living in this situation I can’t at any time of day and or night invite someone over to get laid and this I realize pleases all of you, especially all of you that have so diligently aided and abetted the cock blockers victimizing the soul and his people and I such as the coward laying on her fucking back bitch and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices whom have spent twenty calendar years falsely telling folks that they have been my benefactors which we all know they have NEVER been, but the fact of life is that I have already been in this situation for twenty-one calendar months and it just is not enough for the soul and his people and I because I need my own space. I need more privacy. I need to be able to invite anyone I damn well please over at anytime day or night to do as we please EVEN if we just want to fuck. I need at minimum, a one bedroom apartment, or a one bedroom room in someone’s private home that I can afford to rent. You all know how limited monetarily I am and that I do the best I can on a paltry $748.00 dollars a month which is the best our nations government could do for the man they stole their intellectual property from, and you know the church isn’t responsible enough to insure we have someplace to live, but never the less, I need something more. Any help any of those of you, EXCLUDING of course the filthy frigid harlot and or the hear-me-speak laying on her back bitch and man and all of their known guilty criminal accomplices, could offer the soul and his people and I would be really, really wholeheartedly appreciated. I know damn good and well that there is someone our there in this basin with a house big enough, whom is willing to go out on a limb to innocently rent a bedroom that the harlot and the laying on her back bitch and their family of known guilty criminal accomplices cannot have access, to the soul and his people and I. All we need to do is find one of them.

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, December 18, 2015

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