December 24, 2015 (5159-12242015)

I know you all don’t want to hear this, but the fact of life is that the soul and his people and I returned to the USA and came here to the state we are currently domiciled within because an entire origination of people had made several promises to us, promises promising to help us for one; to provide financial help to elevate and lift us (the soul and his people and I) out of the severe poverty stricken state of life that we have been in since day one. For two; to aid in helping us find some type of better housing situation that offers more privacy that we as poverty stricken people could afford on our own, if nothing else, a simple private room to live in. For three; because someone wanted to make certain that we had sufficient companionship by someone that had, however falsely it may have been, was said to have professed to care for us enough to have wanted to spend their time with us so that we never had to search through throngs of people just to have our needs fulfilled, thereby, making our needs, amongst all else that we were expected to do for others here, seem less intrusive to others than the constant need to “search” for someone to spend our personal time with, which as we all now know, the lack of which causes our need for companionship to take precedent over the other things we were expected to do, and even a whole bunch of other things and promises which as of to days date of Thursday, December 24, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours, have never transpired and or been fulfilled, and as the result of our coming here amidst all the broken promises, now that we are here and are without the promises that were made being fulfilled, the soul and his people and I currently do NOT have a sufficient amount of legal tender (todays currency) to live upon within a city which is simply too expensive for someone that only has $748.00 dollars to live upon which IS what I am currently being forced to live on, which means that now that we have returned to the USA as we were asked to do. Now that we are here within our current state as we were asked to be in. We find that we have been forced into a situation that because of all of the broken promises, I simply cannot get myself out of, and what I mean by this is, I am now currently stuck in a situation where I cannot because of lack of monetary funds afford to get myself out of, and into a better, more private and secure living situation. I cannot afford to pay my rent and still eat properly. AND, because of the fact that I am currently forced into surviving with as little as $748.00 dollars a month, I have absolutely no left over money after paying my rent and buying food, to have any type of recreation other than a beer here or there, and therefore, literally cannot afford to do anything and or go anywhere, and making the current situation even worse, I cannot innocently go out and find a job because as you can quite easily imagine, the laying on her back bitch refuses to quit contacting those that I innocently meet along my way (trying to sucker them into being part of her scam) including perspective employers such as that which cost me a job as a jeweler three months ago, and her refusal to quit electronically transmitting rude and offensive verbiage across the PA phone to everyone within my proximity which has already cost me the loss of three previous jobs before repeatedly using the PA phone to electronically transmit defamation of character across my rings so offensive that no one wants to hear and because of it, I can’t find or hold onto a job because of it.

In other words, the soul and his people and I returned to the USA and came here because of the promises we were made by those in a situation of authority within the aforementioned origination, and now that all of the promises we were made have been broken, here we are stuck in a city to expensive for us to live in on our current income of $748.00 dollars per month. We are stuck in a housing situation we cannot improve because of our lack of needed money. We can’t afford to pay our rent and eat proper food at the same time. We have absolutely NO additional money for any type of recreation at all, and we can’t find a job to help ourselves because the laying on her back bitch has either contacted our prospective employers and has told them because of the fact I am known to be a Rose, I must be Satin himself, or because of the rude and extremely offensive verbal defamation of character being repeatedly transmitted across MY domain by the known guilty bitch, no one wants to employ me and I am stuck in a situation that because of her (the laying on her back bitch) I simply cannot get myself out of and unless something changes, the soul and his people and I will be forced into finding a spot upon a sidewalk somewhere to innocently panhandle (solicit) moneys from the public at large (begging for money) to get ourselves out of the situation you all, through your broken promises, got us into.

No offence or anything, but I’m pretty sure that although currently untrue, the below is very probably the holiday greeting you all would have hoped to hear from your eras sun;

Marry Christmas to all of you and thank you all so very much for taking a moment of your time to help the soul of God and his people the ancient sect of men and I improve our lives. The change and elevation out of poverty has been and currently is so wonderful, we think of and thank you all, all of the time. Further, thank you all so very much for doing so very much to help ensure OUR holiday season has been so very overwhelmingly wonderful for the second consecutive calendar year in a row. My, what a wonderful blessing you have all been to us. We are truly grateful for each and every single one of you.

Sorry if I seem ungrateful, but it just seems to me that if even one of you had honored your promises, and or had done for us what we all did for you and your families, we too could have lived to enjoy our lives and our situation as you have all for so many years been able to, because of us, do, instead of the suffering we have had forced upon us. Wow, what a joy that would have been. Please don’t take personal offence as if I had sent this to just one of you.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, December 24, 2015

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