December 29, 2015 (5162-12292015)

In yet another desperate attempt at suckering other innocent unsuspecting members of the public at large into falsely believing that she and or one of HER family of known guilty criminal accomplices are typing the words that I am in reality typing at the computer, the laying on her back bitch that never seems to be able to get up off her fucking back and out of that damn fucking chair has something electronically connected to MY flesh and bone bodily hands which is bothering and hurting the skin of my hands and I have repeatedly complained about this and still the bitch refuses to quit because of her still ongoing scam and attempt at deceiving others into believing that she is doing something she isn’t, and therefore, I need someone to forcibly make the bitch electronically disconnect whatever the item is, and everyone needs to be advised that she is NOT doing the typing, I AM, SHE is the coward bitch attempting suckering everyone into believing that she and or her family of known guilty criminal accomplices are doing something that they just are NOT doing.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ps, this bitch and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices have deceptively done this very same cowardly lie about hundreds of different things for the last thirty two plus years, they are criminals.

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