December 30, 2015 (5165-12302015)

Ps, explicitly because of the fact that the laying on her back bitch refuses to quit fucking with and illegally accessing my cell phone, I now have a defunct and unusable phone by mere virtue of the fact that because of her I can’t even leave the damn battery in it and because of such, I now need to spend fifty fucking bucks that I do NOT have to spend buying a new one that she and her family cannot access. Unfortunately, the fifty bucks will most likely leave me in a situation of needing to panhandle for money January 2016 just to make it all the way through the month with money enough to eat and what this means is that someone needs to get my damn fucking cell phone off of these known guilty criminals consul so I can have a fucking usable cell phone that I can keep the battery in, which IS a necessity these days. Please keep this bitch and her family away from my damn phone.

Oh, and another Pss; if in the event that this frigid bitch and her hear-me-speak accomplices harm my singing voice electronically connecting themselves and their garbage directly to my throat and or crown chakras I am really going to come unglued about it, and I mean this.

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, De3cember 30, 2015

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