December 30, (5164-12302015)

During the coldest months of the autumn and winter and spring of 2004 into 2005, specifically, the months I spent homeless in the greater Miami Florida area, the frigid harlot (you know, the little butt-ugly bitch that walks around acting all high and mighty as if she were some big rough and tough important society bitch, yea, that one, the one no one can stomach for more than 30 seconds, e.g. the frigid bitch) and her hear-me-speak family of known guilty criminal accomplices began electronically connecting something to my flesh and bone bodily legs and chest and surrounding areas that inflicted an electronically induced “freezing” cold type of torture upon me, which they repeatedly did for hours and hours and hours at a time literally as I innocently did the best that I could to survive the bitter cold of the autumn, winter, and spring as a homeless man. The reason they did this to me was because of their desire to inflict a type of torture that they knew severely bothered me, and in my belief, because of the fact that they were cowardly attempting causing an electronically induced medical sickness which they believed would murder me, which they would then escape criminal prosecution for by falsely claiming that my death was due to a medical sickness, never telling what they had so cowardly done to electronically induce the sickness. Shortly after they had begun cowardly torturing me in this manner, the freezing cold of my flesh was so painful and bothersome to me, I began composing letters which I personally faxed (yes, I said faxed) directly into the white house at 1700 Pennsylvania Ave to a then president George H Bush whom WAS the president of the United States. The letters I composed clearly described the cruelty being repeatedly inflicted upon me literally on a daily basis by the frigid harlot and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices along with a personal message of truth in which I clearly stated that the aforementioned guilty refused to quit victimizing me voluntarily and because of such, unless something was done by our nations government to force the bitch and her family to quit victimizing me in this cruel and unusual torture, that I was going to end up in a hospital or simply dead as the result. At the time, my biggest worry was getting frostbite upon the skin of my legs and hands and everywhere else they were so very cowardly doing this to me. All winter long, December 2004, January 2005, February 2005, even March 2005 I repeatedly composed and faxed memos directly into the white house hoping to get our nations president and government to respond by doing something to force the bitch’s cessation of her electronic torture repeatedly advising that the torture was hurting me so severely that unless something was done, I was going to die as the result and I still have the facsimile reports with the personal letters stored in my safe deposit box this very day today proving that my memos DID in fact reach, and go into the white house. As unfortunate as it truly is, the then president of the USA and our nations government never bothered to do anything whatsoever to stop these known guilty from continuing to repeatedly victimize the soul and his people and I in this cruel and unusual torture. By April 17, 2005 I was personally driven to and admitted into St. Mary’s Hospital in Tucson Arizona in such a near death situation and condition, that upon admission into the hospital, the attending emergency room physician that admitted me ask me if I wanted to be on life support, and when I questioned him as to why it was that he was asking me such a question, he looked me in the face and directly in the eyes and told me that my condition was so severe, that they did not know if they would be able to pull me out of it, meaning, they thought I was going to die. The fact of life is that I conveyed to our nations highest elected official, the president of the USA himself and all of his staff and the entire body of our nations government that the cowards torture was making me sick and that unless something was done, I was going to end up in a hospital. No one did anything at all. I ended up in a near death situation which cost me two and a half weeks in a hospital bed during the very same time John Paul died, I literally watch his funeral from my hospital bed. What this proved to me was one; The then president of the USA and our nations entire body of government did not give a fucking damn about the life of the soul and his people and the man they each knew to be the sun himself. Two; The then president of the USA and our nations entire body of government did not give a fucking damn about the life of the millions of citizens that will lose their businesses, their employment, and all else that will occur because of the death of the sun. Three; The then president of the USA and our nations entire body of government did not give a fucking damn about the cataclysmic aftermath of the death of the sun such as the loss of the Internet and one half of the use of the radio spectrum and the loss of or nations TV and Cable company stations and literally the public’s ability of watching television and cable company broadcast etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Our nations government was literally willing to sacrifice the life of the sun just so the frigid harlot and hear me speak bitch’s could continue victimizing us seven days a week and this is exactly why it is that I will not support a Bush in the oval office today and you Democrats better be holding your tongue because I have a story very similar about all of you that I will be composing and publishing prior to 2016s election as well, but this letter is NOT about our nations government even though this pretty much tells the absolute facts about the Republican side of things now doesn’t it. What this letter is truly about is the fact that these known guilty criminal bags of shit have within the last calendar month resumed cowardly victimizing me this very same way, by causing a severely painful and severe cold upon the very same flesh tissues of my flesh and bone bodily legs and body literally on a daily basis and I need someone to stand up and do something about it to get these criminals OFF my aura and OFF of my domain because to further exacerbate the life threatening situation, as recent as yesterday, these known guilty criminal bags of shit once again cowardly electronically connected something to my upper chest and respiratory system, and to the inside of my mouth and throat which so very quickly causes an electronically induced medical condition resulting in fluid upon my lungs and a literal burnt throat and inner nostrils that unless something is done to forcibly stop and force these criminals to electronically disconnect whatever it is, I am once again going to need emergency medical help from a nearby hospital. Something MUST be done to force these known guilty criminals (the frigid bitch herself, and her hear-me-speak man and his bitch) into electronically disconnecting themselves, and their illegal drug paraphernalia, and all the rest of their fucking garbage OFF of MY flesh and bone bodily aura and chakra centers, and OFF of my inner corona sphere and the entirety of my domain else the result is going to be catastrophic. The soul and his people and I cannot stomach these known guilty criminals we do NOT want anything that they have to offer except the money they already promised to give us.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ps, no offence or anything, but, another of the Bush family has decided to run for president of the USA 2016 based upon a prayer promise that if elected, he will make up for his brothers wrongs, well, perhaps he and his family could make up for his brothers wrongs BEFORE we vote 2016, and all you democrats should know I have the very same message for all of you too. swr 12302015

This letter really is NOT about or nations government although it does tell it all. This letter is about needing help forcing the frigid harlot and her hear-me-speak accomplices OFF of the sun.

PSS, no offence or anything to or towards all you really wonderful and good looking sexy ladies out there, and I know there is a bunch of you all around me all the time, cause the soul and his people and I have absolutely NO issue whatsoever with women of the species but I’m a mans man, and I do mean literally, I do NOT want a woman in my inner sphere, for this is MY personal space, and I need my personal space, NOT some bitch with an electrical wire stuffed into her vagina and butt-hole laying in a fucking bed all day long waving her fucking glove in my face.

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