December 31, 2015 (5166-12312015)

Yesterday, Wednesday, December 30, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours I composed letter number 5165-12302015 in which the true message of the letter was supposed to be about MY repeatedly telling of the cruel and unusual punishment and torture being constantly incessantly carried out by the thugs you all know (in my letters) as the frigid harlot and hear-me-speak company man and his bitch, to the highest ranking member of our nations government and that the consequences of the highest ranking member of our nations government’s refusal to intervene, DID in fact nearly cost me my life. Although there seems to be some confusion over the fact that I had previously noted that the hospitalization was the result of food tampering, and yesterdays letter seemed to be pointing to the cowardly inflicted freezing cold as the culprit, the story IS a true story (I believe that the freezing cold the woman inflicted exacerbated the sickness resulting from the chemical food tampering in much the very same as the cold exacerbated the cold and flue season), never the less, the reality is that the story really IS true. Unfortunately, as a result of my personal hostility over the fact that nothing was ever done about the criminals crimes against us which DID in fact cost me two and a half weeks hospital stay in St Mary’s Hospital in the greater Tucson Arizona area, I seem to have rather unabashedly spoken out about his brother Jeb Bush, a politician currently running and vying for the very same office his brother George H Bush held as the highest ranking member of our nations government that I told. Because of this aforementioned letter, I fear that I may have been unfair to George’s brother Jeb Bush himself, and as the result, I am hereby composing THIS letter as well.

Hello everyone, as you all know, it is the very last day of the year 2015 Thursday, December 31, 2015. I have deliberately taken it upon myself to pretty thoroughly trash Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush with my letter 5165-12302015 yesterday, to such a literal point, that I find myself today personally taking it upon myself to assert that I probably should not have done so, SO, with that said, although I cannot at this time, and therefore WILL NOT promise my vote, and, although I cannot at this time, and therefore WILL NOT promise our support (I am still disgruntled over the previously noted facts and I DO want the guilty criminals gone), however, perhaps it would do us ALL a little bit of good to simply step back a moment and instead of simply writing him off as I did in my letter, take a simple, and thorough look at what he (Jeb Bush) has to offer all of us and our nation too, if in the event that he were to be elected to the office of the president of the USA. I believe that in doing this, instead of simply writing a valid candidate off as I pretty much did in my letter, we, the citizens of this nation, can, if for nothing else, can compare what he (Jeb Bush) has to offer all of us and our nation too,as compared to all that the other contenders currently running and or vying for the job have to offer. Let us all be true to ourselves and pick not only the best candidate for ourselves, but for ALL of us citizens combined as well, AND for the prosperity of the nation as a whole too.

Hey Jeb, I should NOT have worded my letter as I did. We the people of the soul AND the soul as well WILL be taking a good look, AND, we shall be ever-present and diligently watching as well. Good Luck as you will need it.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, December 361, 2015







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