December 31, 2015 (5167-12312015)

To whom it may concern; What I actually stated was that without a whole bunch of difficulty and or ado, one could pretty easily make the very simple quite obvious determination that whoever it is at the helm of the organization currently dealing with the sun, is quite blatantly obviously either not in tune to the suns needs, or they simply don’t give a damn about him and therefore, have never bothered to notice his current situation truly is (even as myself speaking in the second person) not at all what a sun’s situation should be, and I think that you all probably already know this to be true but simply are not willing to say so because you really can’t help but notice, and this really is how you know; If the individual, whoever is in charge (and god as my witness I really don’t know who it is) and or at the proverbial helm of the organization were in fact in tune to the sun’s needs and or gave a damn about the sun and or his life situation (I can’t write the letter in the first person, I have to do so in the second) then his (the sun’s) living, housing situation would be a shitload better than it currently is by mere virtue of the fact that he would have his own bedroom instead of sleeping in a dorm room with seven other guys with no privacy whatsoever, he would have sufficient monetary currency to be able to afford to pay for his rent AND have money left over for things such as articles of clothing, good quality food, medical and dental care, and he would even have sufficient monetary currency left over to have some type of recreation for himself out and about town, and even other things as well, absolutely none of which he currently has. He (the sun)would also have friendships (which he currently does not have), friends with benefits buddies or at least a regular companion to spend time with him to satisfy and fulfill his personal needs (which he currently does NOT have), and, his overall state of mental and emotional health and welfare would be the very same happy go lucky individual that he has always been, and even further, explicitly because of all that he WOULD have in the event that whoever it is at the helm of the organization currently dealing with the sun, as adverse to all he does NOT have, his (the sun’s) physical health would also, at minimum, be better than it is this very day today Thursday, December 31, 2015 GMT – 08 Hours.

As it currently is, the sun has living conditions which absolutely none of the members if the organization would want to suffer through and has even been homeless for periods of up to four calendar years within the last fifteen, he (the sun) currently has no money for a place to live that offers him privacy,  he has no money for articles of clothing, shoes, proper food (and we know this from his medical care), he has no money for supplus he needs including grooming supply and various electronics which include a good inaccessible by the guilty bitch cell phone to use which is nessasary in this era and time of day, perhaps a personal laptop and or computer, and even various other personal positions and or belongings as everyone seems to be capable of having, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and, if you knew the sun as I know him, then you know the fact he has no friends is something of an impossibility yet never the less is true at this particular time of day (he would normally have dozens of friends surrounding him which he doesn’t currently have any of because of the fact that whoever is in the position of authority believes that if he has friendships, he just might get sex once in awhile and whoever is in the position of authority simply refuses to see the sun’s need and therefore, in addition to not helping him find what he is looking for, has even gone out of their way to stop him from having friends because someone out there just might help him find sex instead of the man currently pretending to want him all for themselves. In addition to the friendships which the sun would quite obviously have, he currently has no sex life as we all know that he would have and the truth of this is very simply because for the last year and a half, someone has been pretending to want the sun all to themselves and therefore stops his from having sexual relations with anyone (we all know that without whoever it is at the helm currently, the sun would in fact have a normal healthy sex life with various individuals, or he would have a regular tending to his needs so as to prevent his current seeming never ending search because of the fact that he does not currently have anyone at all to fulfill his needs) and we all know that this IS in fact important because having a normal healthy sex life DOES in fact aid in a healthy mental emotional state of mind and a healthy physical state of well being, virtually all of the above of which would in fact make an extremely happy, happy-go-lucky sun. And even further, as unfortunate as it just may be, in the current situation, the sun is currently simply NOT a very happy person and the reason truly is because whoever really IS at the helm of the organization simply does NOT like, and is NOT in tune to the sun needs whereas IF whoever was on fact at the helm was a friend friendly with and or to the sun and in tune to his (the suns) needs, then he (the sun) would have everything he needs to be happy, and he would constantly be happier every moment of the day and always wanting to and or willing to help others along his way instead of always being just down right unhappy as you see him and know him to be today.

All you really need to do to see for yourself just exactly how the person at the helm of the organization currently dealing with the sun, and or the overall organization itself truly feels about the sun is to take a really good look at the sun’s current life situation at any given time of the day or any given day of the week because in doing this you can always see for yourself just exactly how it is they feel about and or are treating him.

Perhaps with the new year, even as soon as tomorrow Friday, January 01, 2016, the current organization can take the time, just a mere moment of their day, to insure the necessary changes are made so that the sun too can have a good life instead of the one you have all left him suffering through these last thirty two plus consecutive years.

Please accept this letter as my personal plea to find someone else for the decision making and or to place at the helm of your organization, please make sure it is someone whom is in tune to, and or at least sympathetic to the needs of the soul and his people and I myself so we too can have the care and maintenance we need and have a good life for whatever remaining time we have. Please.

Best of 2016 and a good and happy and hopefully prosperous 2016 to all of us (excluding of course the frigid harlot and the hear-me-speak man and his bitch whom we the soul and his people and I really don’t give a damn about).

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, December 31, 2015

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