January 02, 2016 (5167-01022016)

Desperately wanting to insure that she had caused at least one new water blister flesh wound sore on the very first day of the year, at approximately 8:00AM yesterday morning Friday, January 01, 2016 GMT – 08 Hours the laying on her back bitch along with her known guilty criminal accomplices resumed cowardly causing another of the very same water blister flesh wound sores upon my left hand forefinger which is in fact still physically hurting today. In addition, this very same bitch (and very possibly her family of known guilty criminals accomplices as well) is still laying upon her back repeatedly inserting an electrical wire into her vagina to electronically connect herself to MY groin area chakra of soul against my will, along with another electrical wire stuffed into her rectum which electronically connects herself to MY base of spine chakra (or one of the thugs has the wire in her snatch and the other one in the rectum and I do NOT at this time know which is the case) which is still infringing upon my freedom, and, this laying upon her back bitch still has NOT disconnected herself and her bed from MY flesh and bodily aura and off of MY inner corona sphere as she and her family have been told to do. We the people of the soul and indeed the soul himself do NOT like this laying on her fucking back bitch. We will NOT under any circumstances work for this bitch and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices, and I mean NOT AT ALL and NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PERIOD, and we do NOT recognize her right to force herself upon our bodies and eyes and vision nor her squatting upon our domain. We will NOT support this bitch and her accomplices business, nor their endeavors and do NOT want them, nor anything else this bitch has to offer anywhere upon us period and in the event that our nations government is NOT going to remove her, then I WILL be making the decision to either one; find another nation where she and her family of known guilty criminal accomplices simply cannot follow us, or, we will simply make the formal decision to go to, and request the aid of a good and reputable human rights organization to force her and her business and family off of us. Period. This laying on her fucking back bitch cannot use a business as an excuse for squatting upon us and our bodies and our domain anymore because we do NOT want her NOR her damn fucking business. This bitch and her family ran their fucking business for more than twenty-five calendar years and we never got a fucking dime out of it and we don’t want it any more. Your all running out of time to do the right thing. Once the time has run out, there will be no going back, period. We will NOT suffer through another year of this bitch and her fucking family NOR their involvement in our lives but we WILL seek the aid of a human rights org to get her off of us, if we are forced to do this, then everyone will lose.

For any of you that do not understand this, how bout you try suffering through having some dead bitch drug addict laying in a fucking chair on her back with a wire stuffed into her rectum and vagina electronically connected to YOUR aura, while spending every waking moment of the day waving her fucking hand in your fact pretending she writing and speaking to you, for twenty-five years and see how you feel about continuing. I can’t even put my fucking cell phone battery in my fucking cell phone because of this fucking bitch and we just want her gone.

Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, January 02, 2015

Oh, by the way, this very same fucking laying on her back bitch is still cowardly using that damn fucking PA phone to talk to people around me while I am out and about town and in night clubs and bars and I have told you it bothers me and I want it stopped. We can hear the things she says to people and she is still doing her cock blocking telling folks that they should not help me and or telling folks to walk away from me without saying anything and these folks are stupid enough to listen to her and I have lost three jobs, I have suffered a five-year prison sentence, I have suffered eight months of homelessness in Australia, and four years of homelessness in the USA and the loss of countless friendships and the loss of countless fuck buddies too and all because of this laying on her fucking back bitch using the fucking PA phone to say things to other people around me. We want the bitch’s phone shut down and if it isn’t, then a human rights org will have it shut down whether she likes it or not. I do NOT want any involvement with those she is speaking to when she uses the PA phone which means that no matter where they are, if she is using my domain to speak to them, we want nothing to do with them period. We do NOT want anything whatsoever to do with anyone that answers to this fucking laying on her fucking back bitch either because anyone in line and or collusion with this bitch is NOT our cup of tea. GET HER OFF OF US AND OUT OF OUR LIVES. If I am out and about and hear this bitch talking to folks around me, I will stop everything going on and explain that she is the enemy and we will not be a party to anyone aiding and or abetting her and walk away and let the chips fall where they may. We will NOT word for this bitch period.

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