March 26, 2016 (5241-03262016)

Hey AT&T Imagine this;

Like it or not, the frigid harlot and hear me speak man and bitch are the very cowards that used the very same microphone illegally electronically transmitting at a decibel not hearable to the naked ear but which is never the less picked up by electronic equipment (you all know whom I mean, the bitch defaming everyone’s character with rude and offensive verbiage) such as my cell phone speech to text, that told my supervisor at AT&T to fire me 1996. It was this very same hear me speak man and bitch and frigid harlot that also told the supervisor to fire me using the one and only clause that would enable you (ATT) to take away my two weeks vacation pay that you owed me. It was the fact that you (ATT) cheated me out of my two weeks vacation pay and gave me a severance of $0.99 cents severance pay that ultimately led to and cost the soul and his people and I the life of one of my very much beloved family pet. It was because of the fact that you (ATT) cheated me, the man you all fucking knew to be the sun, out of my two-week vacation pay which ultimately led to and cost the soul and his people and I the life of one of my very much beloved family pet and ultimately caused me to choose to drive your stocks from more than $70 dollars per share December 1999 to less than $10 dollars per share a mere eighteen months later. What all this means to you (ATT) is that all of the money you (ATT) lost to the devaluation of your stocks during that eighteen month period of time between December 1999 through July 2001 which we all know I personally caused was in essence, ultimately due to the cowardice of, and the verbiage electronically transmitted directly to my supervisor by the frigid harlot and hear me speak whom are this very day, still doing the very same to others all over town, and I can assert this because if she hadn’t told my supervisor to fire me I would have never lost my two weeks vacation pay and therefore would have never lost my beloved family pet and therefore would never have stood up against you to drive your stocks down. Every cent you (ATT) lost during that ordeal was due to the cowardice of and criminal activities of the frigid harlot and hear me speak, just as your current problems are which will ALSO ultimately cost you (ATT) a fucking bundle, maybe even your entire company. So, how are you (ATT) thanking them today?

Hey Google guess what, as I’m sure you and your board members know by this time of day, the hear me speak man and bitch and frigid harlot have been using a backdoor access to Google Play and Android as a method of accessing my own, and possibly others cell phone, very possibly with electronic equipment and instruction which you (Google), or maybe even our nations federal government provided to and or gave them (the harlot and hear me speak), you know, a back door such as the incredibly fascinating back door that is created when you put Google play on every android cell phone and then have it automatically seek out and connect to and read stored information and even upload information and updates to phones all over the globe, that kind of back door (imagine someone connecting a device directly to the part of the web which IS the spectrum Google play transmits upon which then can connect to every android phone which has Google play, which then allows the criminal the freedom to then secretly seek out and connect itself to, and accesses, and even update and upload information to, or to steal information from any and or every android cell phone on the market worldwide, and then imagine if you have this secret access to Google play spectrum and used this frequency modulation as if you were Google Play to seek out and connect yourself to anyone else’s phone you chose to, and then once connected to cell phones through Google play, you secretly access folks email and other accounts stored upon the very same cell phones etcetera). Imagine what happens when the public discovers that you (Google) or perhaps our nations Government, or perhaps you AND are nations government, or perhaps some criminal, or a spy, or a terrorist such as the frigid harlot and or hear me speak, are creating and using a service such as “Google Play” to secretly access and spy upon and steal information from cell phones all across the planet. My personal guess is that, the more of the public that finds out about the secrete back door to their cell phone, and that it IS google play and android, well, I’m sure you can all imagine how it would be that fewer, and fewer, and fewer folks all across the globe would be looking for a new android and or for Google Play services, which would cause Google a large loss of market share and or UN-favorability amongst the public that don’t want their personal information stolen and or phone calls and text messages eavesdropped upon by Google and or our Federal Government and or anyone else that has the same electronic equipment and or knowledge of Google Play and android. I can even imagine fewer folks willing to use Google Play to download their favorite apps because it is Google Play that is the secrete back door to everyone’s phone and you would not want Google Play accessing your cell phone. What this means to YOU, well it would seem to me that since it was the frigid harlot and hear me speak that brought this to your front door, very possibly with your own help, coupled with the fact that you never bothered to stop and or punish the guilty woman using Android and Google Play to unlawfully access and steal from MY cell phone means whatever shares our market share you lose because of this ordeal will ultimately be attributed to hear me speak and or the frigid harlot just like ATT’s loss, or you yourselves and our nations government because you either enabled her the freedom to do this by providing electronic devices and or information, or because you did nothing to stop them when the problem became apparent. In essence, either blame the frigid harlot and hear me speak or yourselves or our nations government for looking the other way.

I will be advising the FCC and the Public Utilities commission of this back door breach to the security of the public at large and are cell phones in the letter I compose and send to them asking them to punish the harlot and hear me speak for illegally accessing my cell phone.

Right now, because of the fact that our nations government and business community are dependent upon MY technology and or intellectual and or inspirational property for your companies and or our nations government’s data stream and internet, it would seem to me that I have quite a few pairs of balls in my hands. What this means to all you internet businesses and government is that you can all either choose to look the other way and continue to allow this frigid harlot and hear me speak the freedom to continue to victimize the soul and his people and I and thereby have your data stream and internet taken away from you by an unhappy and disgruntled and hostile sun, or, you could find your pair of balls between your legs and stand up on behalf of the soul and his people and I and do something to get the bitch and her family and company OFF our domain and body and out of our lives forever in which case, you’ll still lose everything, but at least you’ll have more time before you sustain your loses.

So, with this I ask you; Hey business community of the world, are you going to follow in AT&T and Google’s footsteps and let’s hear me speak destroy your business and get your data stream your world-wide-web taken away from you sooner than you want, or are you all going to find some balls and do something to get rid of the criminals before it is to late. I believe your actions from this day forth will tell us all your decisions.

Hey, US Military. Something for you all to think about; how mighty would the US Military be this very day today Saturday, March 26, 2016 GMT – 08 Hours if the soul and his people and I took your data stream and Internet away from you today.

How mighty will the US military be the day the sun dies and you have lost the Internet spectrum, the data stream, and the background to the entertainment industry television screens preventing the entertainment industry and government and media from transmitting across television and cable company spectrum.

Finally, are you willing to risk the truth of how mighty you’ll all be without a data stream and internet and television by allowing a fucking frigid harlot the sun can’t stomach and her disgustingly filthy hear me speak man and his bitch friends whom the sun also cant stomach, by continuing to look the other way sighting that it a society problem, as the guilty electronically torture the sun to death with electronic devices and voltage electricity and methamphetime drugs and cookers.

You entertainment industry, and business community people should give your own situations regarding these facts some serous contemplation as well because I’m not going to help any of you out of your predicaments until you all help the soul and his people and I out of ours.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday March 26th 2016



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