March 29, 2016 (5242-03292016)

In addition to the absolute provable fact that the very same frigid bitch harlot and hear me speak are still fucking with my cell phone deliberately altering various settings which severely offend me, she has now begun attempting stopping my first amendment rights by desperately attempting stopping me from using my cell phone to compose writing with my preventing my speech to text by electronically transmitting verbally offensive verbiage at a decibel I cannot hear with my ears but which never the less stops and disrupts my dictation and letters because her verbiage is being picked up by my speech to text engine microphone and instead parents her garbage instead of my dictation, and she is still repeatedly using another electronic device to repeatedly jam my cell phone data stream and internet so that I cannot publish my writings and virtually all of this comes after months and months and months of advising all of you I DON’T fucking want this fucking bitch fucking with my phone.

It is because of the continued refusal by this fucking bitch continuing to refuse to stop fucking with my cell phone and her repeated attempts at stopping my first amendment rights and my own personal use of my own cell phone that has caused me to again place a telephone call to Charlie Becks office as recent as during the 10:00AM hour of this very morning today Tuesday, March 29, 2016 GMT – 08 Hours, during with I advised him of the still ongoing refusal to quit fucking with my phone along with a message I am expecting him to do something about it, and which has caused me to compose yet another second letter to the FCC and public utilities commission advising them of the woman’s device, her repeated criminal violations of my personal rights to privacy along with the message that it is my understanding that here in the USA, illegally monitoring and accessing a persona personal cell phone device requires a legal and binding federal or state warrant issued and signed by a legally elected and or appointed justice from a legal court of law and to the best of my knowledge, this bitch and her company have not gotten one and as the result, I AM expecting her to be prosecuted for her crime. I shall compose the letter immediately following the publishing of this particular letter.

I want this bitch and her company and ALL of her accomplices OFF my domain, and OFF my cell phone and out of our lives forever.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ps, according to a personal message personally recited and electronically transmitted by the one and only habitually uncouth and disgustingly filthy frigid harlot herself (this is the bitch that claims to be the president of the society) as recent as this morning today personally stating that she refused to quit fucking with my cell phone, AND, began criminally victimizing me because I did not do as she told me to do and although the society HAS in fact been around the soul and his people and I for the entity of the fifty plus years I have been alive, until today, none of them ever attempted insinuating that they were somehow or other supposedly my boss and that I was somehow obligated to do as they tell me to do. I am fifty plus years of age. The only boss I have is the soul of GOD and his people themselves. I answer to no one else and most certainly NOT some dickless frigid bitch bag of crap calling herself the president. I didn’t fucking vote for the bitch and I don’t answer to her either and unless you society folk want to distance the soul and his people and I from yourselves further, then perhaps you all can vote someone else to be and serve as your president for the frigid bitch and her accomplices, and or whoever is currently holding the position of fearless leader is NOT effectively carrying on the traditions of the society and are not garnering the dignity and respect the has had before, and in fact if a change in your leadership and hierarchy isn’t made soon, your whole org is going to irreputably suffer. Swr 03292016

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