May 21, 2016 (5303-05212016)

Re letter 5208-02202016 and my personal plea to professional entertainer singer songwriter “Madonna,” well, I don’t know what if anything she did about the dance club but I can sure as hell tell you she didn’t do anything whatsoever about the man, and in fact, it would truthfully seem that none of the members of the society she is part of did. I guess the truth of the matter and situation is that she, professional entertainer singer songwriter “Madonna,” just like all the others of her society simply didn’t believe that their fame and fortune and or the years of prosperity and happiness being that which they are wasn’t worth the trouble of standing up to help the man that did it for them at all, and in fact, because of it, the truth is that I just can’t seem to find anyone at all to spend time with me with them and hear me speak upon the domain and spying on me with their electronic camera and microphone and in fact, what it seems that I really need to do at this point is simply to ask them all to vacate our domain and take hear me speak with them so that the soul and his people and I can finally find and have some friends and find and have someone that will spend personal time with us because if they don’t vacate our domain and quit spying upon me with their camera and microphone and instead simply continue to refuse to leave us alone so I can find someone, especially with everyone all across town terrified to stand up against the entertainment industry frigid society bitch and hear me speak, then we will need to find another place where we can because I need to be able to find and have friends, and I need to be able to find and have at least one individual to spend personal time with me, and I don’t know what if anything the man named Brett has to do with this but I sure am tired of all the jealous folk that in their infinite wisdom don’t believe that I should have the size dick that I am looking for, and I wish he and their company would just go away.

Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday May 21, 2016

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