May 27, 2016 (5313-05272016)

While I do not remember the name of the man that lived with her, I know he was a drag queen that pretended to be straight but was a faggot never the less. The woman’s name was Jeanette or Janet, she was a red-head. She worked for total petroleum 1993 and my lover David was the manager over her at the time. She is the woman that repeatedly criminally burglarized my home and poisoned one of my dogs, she took another out of the dog pound mere days after I was arrested August 26, 1996 and violently tortured and murdered him and electronically transmitted a video of it directly to my eyes and I laid sleeping in my jail cell room in Redwood city California 1996. She was a methamphetamine drug dealer then to. I saw a device that was rendering images which I recognized as those being electronically transmitted across an ATT phone line sitting upon a dining room table sitting in her home 1993 because me and my lover David had gone to her home to pick something up and when I saw the device I went ballistic and was going to pick it up and destroy it but walked out of her house instead. I never saw her in person after that day but I know the hear me speak bitch is one and the very same bitch and I am hereby advising that she still refuses to electronically disconnect the item she cowardly connected to my spinal column at my right shoulder blade and it is crippling me. The item she electronically connected directly to my groin which caused me to have my professionally prescribed medications chanced and she still refuses to disconnect it. This bitch continues to repeatedly refuse to quit bothering my eyes and vision and she also refuses to quit electronically connecting herself and others and an entire variety of items directly to my flesh and bone body which hurt and cause sores upon my body. She is also the coward refusing to quit sexually assaulting and raping me in the groin and rectum with electrical wires she hides in her chair. I MUST get this bitch and her family and company OFF my domain and out of our lives. This is also the very same bitch that refuses to quit hacking my cell phone which I literally could NOT use in a situation of emergency as recent as this very day today Friday, May 27, 2016. The soul and his people and I need to find ourselves a good lawyer to bring this bitch and her company to justice for victimizing the soul and his people and I these last near thirty calendar years, and for murdering my family pets. This is the very same bitch repeatedly bothering me waving her hand and flashlight in my eyes. We do NOT like this bitch. She is the very same bitch that New Zealand’s government caught attempting chemically poisoning and murdering me between February 20 2014 through May 20, 2014. I hate this bitch enough to put a bullet in her head or a butcher knife in her. She is the rapist that refused to quit electronically connecting items to my groin and buttocks to sexually assault and rape me. She is also the guilty bitch that burned the blisters on my body. She electronically connected something to my spinal column at my right shoulder which she still has not disconnected and it is crippling me. She also electronically connected something to my groin that she still refuses to disconnect which caused me to change my professionally prescribed medicine more than three months ago. This is the very same bitch that cowardly placed people in my home and them instructed them to victimize me and vandalize the house with explicit intentions of forcing me out and onto the street to live homeless because she believes she gets more drug money when she is on the road. This woman currently has at least three of her very own personal operatives living in my house and they answer to her will and they DO victimize me because she tells them to. I know this bitch IS the hear me speak bitch that I have spent near thirty years trying to force OFF my aura and domain and I know so because I have seen with my own eyes the device she used to transmit images directly to my eyes via a telephone line. This is the very same bitch that uses electrical wires stuffed into her rectum and vagina to connect herself to MY flesh and bone bodily aura. Please help me find a lawyer to bring this bitch to justice as every time I find one, through illegally spying upon me through my eyes using the electronic camera she refuses to electronically disconnect from my head, she then contacts them and says she is the president of the society and then frightens them off so they wont help me and I need to get a lawyer because this bitch and the associated man she is with have victimize and raped and attempted murdering me since the 80’s and 90’s. I was a restraining order against the woman and her company so she can never contact, or connect herself to any part of me again. If you folks of the nations media and business community are unwilling to help, then the soul and his people and I are fucked as the society will not help as they just simply do NOT care for me and the government and local law enforcement are in the pocket of the society and will not come to our aid either, and if I am forced into doing so, then I WILL continue seeking someone else, and the someone else will not need to take her to court, they will instead put her in a pine box. You folks of the nations Media, and business community, I really need you to please come to my aid and help us find a good lawyer to bring this bitch and her family and their company to justice. We also need a restraining order to force her to disconnect herself and the other items she refuses to disconnect AND to force her to stay away from os and OUR domain and property. Even though you all may not care for me, I am your ONLY living sun and I truly do need your help. Please help me. Please.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, May 27, 2016

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