May 27, 2016 (5314-05272016)

To whom it may concern;

I do not know the current society, hear me speak has lied to me for so long regarding them and I have cried out and sought their help for so long without any of them bothering, that today, I just simply do NOT trust any of them anymore and I know that the local law and the fed are in the pocket of the rich and famous which means that they are not going to help me either; 

As unfortunate as it just may be, the frigid society bitch and hear me speak have backed me into a proverbial corner and I do NOT do well backed into a corner as it causes me to be extremely hateful and in need of violently fighting my way out and most folk don’t like it and are unhappy when I become extremely hateful and in need of violently fighting my way out.

Hear me speak has cowardly cut off virtually ALL of my avenues to finding someone to spend personal time with me.

Unfortunately as the case currently is, I currently have absolutely no avenues to find anyone to spend personal time with me as I cannot use my cell phone to go online to find what I need and or am looking for because the frigid and hear me speak bitch refuses to quit hacking my cell phone and has done so as recent as this very morning today Friday, May 26, 2016 and she electronically messages folks I am seeking online telling them I am diseased and a shit load of other things that like being diseased, simply is not true, including that they have to pay her money just to spend time with me and therefore, I have spent nearly an entire year seeking online and no one will return my messages because of her and the messages she send them immediately following seeing that I have contacted someone online.

I cannot find anyone out and about in person because she illegally spies upon me using the electronic camera she refuses to electronically disconnect from my eyes and as the result, every time I am out and about, either on the street and or in the bar, the moment she sees me speaking to someone, she immediately uses her microphone to say extremely offensive things and defamation of character to them which causes them to immediately walk away and I have tried for two whole years and I currently have absolutely no friends because of this, and I have absolutely no one to spend personal time with me and I have no other avenue to find anyone.

I cannot find anyone online because of hear me speak spying and hacking my cell phone, and I cannot find anyone in person because of the spying and the use of the bitch’s electronic microphone.

I cannot use my cell phone and or its hookup apps because this bitch hacking my phone.

I cannot find anyone in person because of her microphone and verbal obscenities and defamation of character which often either frightens them away or intimidates them away from me and I literally can’t find anyone at all because of it. 

I realize that I am older now and not very good looking or anything and I have no money or anything else to offer but somehow, someway, someone has simply got to be able to help.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, May 27, 2016

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