June 01, 2016 (5317-06012016)

The coward forcing themselves upon MY flesh and bone bodily aura against the will of the soul and his people and me myself as well throughout the night as I innocently lay in my bed resting and sleeping has spent nearly twenty-five calendar years cowardly causing the very same repeatedly photographed extremely painful severely swollen welts and open sores and flesh wounds all night long repeatedly surging my skin with currents of voltage electricity which has caused all od the photographed swollen welts which often keep me awake all night long suffering the associated physical pain. The very same cowards have also repeatedly caused the severely painful and harmful flesh wound sores all over my legs (and arms) as the result of her refusing to quit connecting herself and her arms to my legs, while electronically connecting and attempting hiding her methamphetamine drug cooker directly to my flesh and bone bodily aura attempting hiding it and herself behind the light known to be emanating from me which have repeatedly caused all of the flesh wound sores depicted in the photos of my legs (and also my arms which are not depicted here) and the person at the helm of the society using her and her company refuses to do anything about it but I need help stopping the bitch and forcing her and her family OFF my aura and OFF my domain and the full ten meter wide corona sphere known to be immediately surrounding me and MY flesh and bone body. I am sorry to need to seek your help but my published letters are not doing me any good because no one responds to them.

The soul and his people and I simply cannot live our lives with this bitch hooking herself up to us against our will, especially at night while we are attempting sleeping.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, June 01, 2016

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