September 23, 2016 (5452-09232016)

Although I do not know that this to be true, because of hearing tid bits of verbiage electronically transmitted across my crown by the frigid society bitch and hear me speak over the last two calendar years and years ago during the turn of the millennium, I have concluded that it is possible that someone may have left me a large sum of money in his will. I have reason to believe that his children have gone to court to move to prevent me from obtaining his gift to me. I have reason to believe that it was then somehow worded in such a manner so as to be currently doled out to those loving and caring for me. I have reason to believe that the reason the frigid society bitch repeatedly professes that she so dearly loves me and so dearly cares for me is so she can falsely claim his money for her herself and her illegal drugs.  

This is the reality of my beliefs.

The true gifts from the heart are forever gifts.

Gifts not truly from the heart are sometimes either begrudgingly given, or sometimes taken away from the individual they were intended to be given to as people change their minds and or find that they don’t really care for the individual they were originally given to.  

In the event that this man whom I have not yet identified here but know the identity of, has in fact given me a large sum of money as a gift to me in his will. And IF his children have felt the need to go to court because they do not want the soul and his people and I to have his gift for whatever reason they deemed appropriate, then perhaps his children and remaining surviving family should keep his money for themselves rather than tarnish his memory with such a gesture. 

I realize that the aforementioned children of this man have suffered a lifetime of begrudging me, if for no other reason than the very simple fact that they were forced to grow up in an environment in which he, their father, was always busy with and helping someone else and never had the time to spend with them and as unfortunate as it is, I was the one he was always busy with and spending his time helping. I understand this begrudging, and although I did not knowingly cause it being born when I was born, I understand it, and I am OK knowing this. 

What his children need to know is that I absolutely adored their father. I have sang his wonderful songs for seemingly my entire lifetime even to this very day. Sometime shortly after I was taken to Colorado because of my creation “Familiar Energy” P. C. 1988 through 1991 by the soul and his people the ancient sect of men and I Stephen Wayne Reno, and while I was living in Denver, without my knowledge, the woman I repeatedly referred to as the frigid society woman (I usually use an exploitive in place of the word woman) falsely and deceptively told him and his family I hated him and that I preferred her to him and his family, and because of this, I believe he quit the soul and his people and I by walking away from us leaving us in the hands of the guilty woman that told him this and I believe he died very shortly after this. The soul and his people and I have suffered at the hands of this coward woman ever since. 

 I was made aware of this news a few months AFTER my return to Los Angeles Ca from New Zealand May 20, 2016 and did NOT know before, which upon discovery, saddened me so I literally could not keep my composure to formally address the news in letter form as the sadness just overwhelmed me but as the result, I advised the soul and his people I would address the situation of this news AFTER the woman was gone so she could NOT hurt his family by lying about it anymore.

I am a mortal man of the Homo sapiens species and yes, I too get upset and angry and hostile just like everyone of my species does at some point or other but the God’s honest truth always has been, currently is, and ALWAYS will be is that I adored this man. Nothing could ever change this truth in my heart. I have memories of him that even his children do not know of which occurred prior to their birth. If this man has in fact given a gift of money to the soul and his people and I that his children have moved to suppress so that we cannot have it, then it truly is best that his children and remaining surviving family members keep it for themselves, for what they may not know is that the greatest gift this man gave the soul and his people and I has always been his lifetime of devotion to us, and the love of his heart and mind which he put within and conveyed to us through his wonderful music and song which I still enjoy singing this very day today, and this is a gift from the heart that no one could ever take away from us.  

This man bares the distinction of being one of only two individuals on the planet I bought TWO tickets to see performing and I bought one ticket to see him two consecutive days in a row at the Greek amphitheater years ago and about the only thing I can remember being upset at HIM for was the fact that he simply would not come out to sign autographs for those, one of which was me, waiting outside after his concert. I believe his reason at the time was that he was afraid if I saw him that close and personal, I would remember something he was afraid for me to remember. 

I think many folks all across the world knows who this man is. His name was not officially John Denver but this is what I myself and all the world called him and I adored him. To this very day I loath the coward woman that told him I didn’t care for him and I would like his children and surviving family member to simply know that this is the truth from my heart and it always will be no matter what it is that they have heard over the years. It does not matter to me whether or not he did, or didn’t leave me the gift that the very same aforementioned coward woman told me 2002 that he did for I will always have the wonderful gift of his lifetime of devotion and the love he shed for us within his wonderful music and song and everything else that he did and no one can ever take this gift from us. He will always be a part of the era of the sun he tried to touch and no one can take that away from him. The embodiment of what he truly was will always be at my side. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, September 23, 2016

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