September 27, 2016 (5453-09272016)

Within the last one calendar week of this very day Tuesday, September 27, 2016 (I cannot remember the exact day and or time of the day) the woman that was cowardly moved into my newest apartment building that resumed criminally burglarizing my room which I advised the management of my apartment building over, committed another criminal burglary of my room, at which time she pulled back the sheets of my bed and say herself down upon MY bed and ejaculated herself deliberately forcing the slop and blood from her vagina onto the under sheet of my bed and then left. The woman doing this was the very same bitch seen repeatedly transmitting upon my visual cortex against my will while repeatedly harassing and tormenting me waving her damn fucking glove in my face. This is the very same bitch that has repeatedly used her electronic devices to sexually assault and force the feeling of herself sexually raping me in the rectum. I knew she had done this to me because she was witnessed by numerous others doing so in my room and yes, I was disgusted by her crime. The reason the coward thug criminal woman did this to me was because the very night before she did this to us during her criminal burglary of my room, she was electronically spying upon me against my will using the electronic camera she continues to this very day to electronically disconnect and move away from my eyes as the soul and his people and I told her to do as I innocently stood upstairs upon the third floor balcony of my apartment complex noting that because of the fact that I am a homosexual of the Homo sapiens species, a woman’s vagina and the associated orgasm fluids was not very appealing to me, and explicitly because of my thoughts regarding such, she wanted her force her own orgasmic vagina slop upon me and my bed. I am willing to attest to this fact under oath in any reputable court of law anywhere within any city state or nation. At the time I was advised as to what she had done by some of those witnessing her crime against me, I did not know where she had placed her vagina slop and therefore simply attempted to avoid it wherever it had been placed until such tile as I found it. On the evening of Sunday, September 25, 2016, the alive and living and cognitively aware soul of god and his people the ancient sect of men personally advised me to remove the “box-spring” out from under my bed and remove it. Yesterday morning Monday, September 26, 2016 I decided to do as I was asked to do by the soul and his people themselves and I moved the bed to take the bed frame out from under my bed at which time I discovered the woman blood and vile vagina slop which had been upon the mattress cover which was under the sheet of my bed which disgust me. In addition to another reason which I have not identified here, I decided to take off and throw away the mattress cover, at which time I moved to remove the box spring out from under my bed which the bitch electronically spying upon me, and yes I mean the guilty woman that had done this to me, began to complain about my removal of the box spring which according to her, was a specifically designed item which she had specifically crafted to be used by her and her family which even further offended me as I do NOT want this bitch and her damn fucking family putting anything in my room and I do NOT support the bitch’s company nor their illegal squatting upon my living soul and or surrounding spiritual attributes at all. Instead of throwing the mattress covers away, I took them down to the local laundry mat and paid my own money to wash them. I then proceeded to return and put them over my mattress but left the box spring out as requested by the soul and his people. This morning Tuesday, September 27, 2016 I walked upstairs to the management of my complex to advise them of what I had found along with advising them that the woman was still criminally burglarizing my room. When I appeared at the management of the complex window, I was confronted by the superintendent of the building whom in my personal opinion is not necessarily a very nice person, but whom never-the-less I was confronted by so instead of discussing all that I had wanted to with the management, I then decided to shorten my comments until I had the opportunity to speak directly to the apartment property management that I had dealt with prior to being moved in to the building by simply advising he that I wanted to remove the box-spring out of my room, at which time, the guilty bitch electronically spying upon me and the super intendant that I was conversing to via the electronic camera she refuses to electronically disconnect and move away from my eyes as the soul and his people and I told her to do once again cowardly used her specifically calibrated electronic microphone to electronically transmit verbiage telling the super intendant NOT to allow me the freedom to remove it from my room as it was a secrete device she had made to use in MY room, at which time, the super intendant told me I could NOT take it out of my room, at which time I questioned her regarding my decision to remove it and she advised me that the “HUD” housing authority refused her to allow folks to remove the aforementioned box-spring and noted that they would lose their funding if she allowed me the freedom to remove it. I know for an absolute fact that the building superintendent that I spoke to regarding this issue bold face lied directly to my face regarding this issue and I know so because during the application process in which I was previously speaking to the management regarding my application had a request by another of the current residence to remove her bed, at which I I personally saw the management, literally within my very presence, advise the resident requesting such that it was fine for her to do so and that the building’s maintenance man would be by shortly or before five PM that very day to remove it for her as per her personal request to do so which means that the ONLY reason I was told that I could not remove mine was explicitly because of the dead bitch using the microphone across MY aura had cowardly interfered in my business attempting to regulate what I can and or can’t do in my life told her not to allow me to do so. 

I believe it to be a criminal offense against the soul and his people and I myself for the city of Los Angeles to cowardly allow this bitch the freedom to move herself into a below the poverty line building as it is known to be as number one, she does NOT qualify for residency there within my building as she is NOT below the poverty line in the income category as I am know by our nation’s city, and state and federal governments to be and I was forced to prove MY eligibility prior to my being allowed the freedom to do so, and number two, the city of Los Angeles knew that I was being criminally stalked and repeatedly victimized by this very same bitch and her family and the criminal accomplices whom she paid crystal meth to victimize me, that I had just spent more than eight hundred dollars of my very own money to move myself away from this bitch and her family and company and criminally accomplices which was every penny that I had to my name.  

I believe that the gospel truth of the situation truly is that the building management and the city of LA and the “HUD” housing organization of the US federal government which provides at least some of the building’s funding for the below the poverty line low income folks of LA such as me to be able to live there in truth doesn’t give a fucking damn about whether or not I have a damn box spring in my room or not and I know this to be true because at least one other resident of the building was allowed to remove theirs and was even helped doing so by the building’s maintenance man which was written up on a formal sheet of paper asking him, the building maintenance man, to do so for the resident which proves to everyone that it is in truth alright to do so and, the singular ONLY reason I was told no that I couldn’t remove mine was explicitly because the superintendent of the building that I and I alone was in conversation with overheard the electronic transmission by the criminal bitch victimizing the soul and his people and I told her not to allow me to do so using the very same fucking electronic microphone, the very same bitch whom by the way used the very same fucking microphone to tell the local LAPD not to take my police report regarding her cell phone hacking and criminal burglaries of my room, not to allow me to do so, and because of this, and because it was alright for others in my building to do so and because of it, this is the way I am going to handle this situation:  

Without intending offence against the building superintendent that told me I couldn’t, I am going to wait until after the building management leave their office for the night, and while under the cloak of darkness as if I was some sort of fucking criminal for innocently doing so, I am then going to remove the damn fucking box spring which the soul and his people themselves told me to remove, out of my bedroom and into the garbage area where at least one of the building’s workers advised me I could move it to before I formally asked if I could do so, and that will be the end of the box spring ordeal, AND the situation, period. If in the event that anyone, anyone at all says anything at all to me because of what I have done I am going to go ballistic over it, then I will advise them if this is such an abdominal and horrible crime to have removed my damn fucking box spring out of my room, then simply give me an election notice. In the event that I get handed an election notice because of removing my damn fucking box spring out of my room, then I will seek the counsel of the lawyer I have already been assigned by at least one organization specifically dealing with housing situations such as this, and the soul and his people and I and our lawyer will see the building management and the “HUD” housing org and the city of Los Angeles that knew better than to allow this unqualified bitch the freedom to move herself into my building to resume victimizing me with repeated criminal burglaries of my room, in court, at which time, the soul and his people and I and our lawyer I will advise the judge as to the true facts of what transpired and of the ordeal that this coward criminal stalker using the microphone has repeatedly done to harass and victimize and cheat us out of our lives has done to us while under oath, and I will advise the judge we want to pursue criminal action against everyone responsible for moving this bitch into our building and allowing her the freedom to dictate to someone else what I can and can’t do, and when we win, we will then sue for punitive damages for all the harassment and torment that we suffered moving a damn fucking box spring out of our very own legally acquired living space and room. 

We are fucking tired of this bitch using the fucking specifically calibrated microphone to assert to others in my presence things suggesting she has some sort of authority to regulate to others that which I can and or can’t do in my life as irrelevant of the fact that stupid frigid drug addict society bitch and her hear me speak criminal accomplices have for the last two calendar years attempted convincing everyone all throughout the community that they sit in judgment of and preside over the life and times and events of the man named Stephen (yes I mean me personally) like it or not, they are NOT my governess and in no way shape form or fashion have any authority whatsoever over the soul and his people nor I myself. This bitch and her family and known guilty meth accomplices in no way shape form or fashion sit in judgment of and preside over our lives and or times, nor the events thereof NOR do they have any say whatsoever about that which I can and or can’t do, and neither does the organization they represent. This IS the face of life, and the laws of the city, and the state, and even the nation in which we live. 

Fuck this bitch that lies on her fucking back cowardly electronically spying upon the soul and his people and I with the electronic camera and microphone which she and her accomplices use to offend and attempt regulating our lives. It seems that no one out their learned their lesson when she did this to LAPD, but they will. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, September 27, 2016



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