September 29, 2016 (5456-09292016)

To my nation’s federal, and state and city governments;

Because of the fact that you (the word “you” within the context of this letter refers to the entirety of the body of my current nation’s federal government and NOT just the president of such himself) refuse to acknowledge the absolute provable in a court of law and or anywhere else fact that you hear my words, and see my spiritual body and see that which I look at when such is deemed by my soul and his people to be appropriate, I am conveying this message to you in letter form so you cannot dispute that I have conveyed it to you; 

I have once again caught the damn bitch using the head set frequency modulation to cowardly speak to those around and within my presents which continues to offend the soul and his people and I and it is because of this I assert to you these facts; you, my nations federal government knew damn good and well not to allocate such spectrum to any business and or manufacturer because you have known since December 12, 1960 that this spectrum was me, myself, and I. You all have had fifty fucking plus years of this knowledge to such a depth and degree that even our scientific communities all across the globe have proven that I AM in fact the radio spectrum and I too can prove this fact in a true and reputable court of law. For years and years and years you never allocated anything below 300 other than to various local police and fire and associated NON public entities, virtually all of whom knew damn good and well that I lived. The FCC had no right to allocate this spectrum to headset manufactures and these aforementioned manufactures and their associated cell phone counterparts knew damn good and well better than to use this frequency as they too knew that I live and that I AM the spectrum himself literally in the flesh. It is because of this I am giving you your choice and this is it; you can either chose of your own volition to formally remove the specifically calibrated electronic transmitter device and its associated electronic microphone from the hands and grasp of the bitch electronically transmitting upon this modulation and I* know you know who she is, or the FCC and manufactures can come and join me in court in which I am suing all of you because you all knew it was wrong to use the spectrum that I am for your fucking cell phone and headset garbage. My guess is that you all weren’t satisfied with what you all ad to use and so you all decided that it was alright to infringe upon MY body and soul for your garbage and I am telling you it isn’t alright at all and in the event that I am denied my right to due process regarding this situation, then I will use my authority as the one and only living crown of life to seek retribution and punishment against you and the FCC that allocated the spectrum even though you knew better, and the manufactures of both the headsets and the associated cell phones as well, and at least some of the members of the population that used them against the soul and his people and I and in THIS event, I will seek the removal of all of the aforementioned and their families from all four corners of the globe with an unstoppable unseen force that will not stop until the very last one of them is gone. We (the word “we” and “us” and “our” within the context of this and the vast majority of all other communiques I compose refers to “me myself and I, e.g. me, the homo sapiens man I am, myself aka my soul, and I, the ancient sect of men) the entirety of the body of my current nation’s federal government and NOT just the president of such himself)  are tired of this damn bitch offending us by using these specifically calibrated electronic devices to speak to people in my presents. It offends the soul AND his people and I. You had no right to do this to the soul and his people and I at all and especially not without formally advising me of that which you were doing as you knew this was my body and soul because scientist proved this to me my body and I long, long, long ago. You and these businesses have wronged all of us and now it is time to right your wrong. 

You have a choice to make and I expect you to make it within twenty-four hours after the electronic receipt of this letter and I will not accept any excuses as I know damn good and well you DO in fact see through my eyes as I am typing. I know damn good and well you DO in fact see my spiritual body and know that I live, and I know damn good and well you DO in fact hear the words I speak because turning my verbiage around has been an exceptionally easy feat for years and years and years and I can prove this to the public at large AND within a true and reputable court of law. 

You should have asked me if you could do this to me BEFORE you did so and you also should have advised me that you did as well. I think you are all ball-less fucking cowards for doing this without advising me and I should be suing you for it. 

You have a decision to make and you better make it within the specified time or I will make a spectacle of all of you. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, September 29, 2016 


the Oval Office via electronic email

Office of the Governor of the state of California Jerry Brown via email

Office of the mayor of Los Angeles California Eric Garcetti via email

Various media outlets via electronic email


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