November 30, 2016 (5497-11302016)

In addition to the previous, as recent as within the last hour I again had the displeasure of innocently becoming aware of the absolute provable fact that the frigid bitch and or at least one of her accomplices are still cowardly going to various local grocery stores that they know I am going to, to destroy and tamper with the various produce they believe I might be incline to use and I know so because I know what the woman does to them and I witnessed it again today and based upon the items I examined, I can truthfully advise that she did this literally within the last one to three hours ago between approximately noon through the three PM hour of the day today Wednesday, November 30, 2016. It saddens me that the entertainment industry society, so hell bent on taking my sex and social life away from me, has obviously agreed to pay this family to do this to the local Los Angeles basin area stores, elsewise, why are they still doing it, and the truth is that it is all of the people innocently living within the community that go to these grocery stores to buy their food are the real losers suffering because of it, and even worse, it is truly pathetic that the real losers suffering because of this woman and her damn family are, because of this, now knowledgeable that their local area police department and district attorney doesn’t have the courage to stop and prosecute them for doing this to the community. How pathetic, an entire entertainment industry and police force looking the other way while this bitch and her family run around damaging and destroying the fruits and vegetables of grocery store isles just to stop one man’s sex life. This is just too fucking pathetic. The citizens of this city and state pay these police officers nearly sixty thousand dollars per year to look the other way while a criminal does things like this to the community. How fucking pathetic. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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