December 28, 2016 (5531-12282016)

In addition to all else which I have in fact truthfully advised, this very same family of known guilty criminal horrors of the “Hear me speak” company and the frigid society bitch that supports and gives them money to victimize us continues to refuse to quit electronically connecting the woman and or man that has the physiological problem of not being able to hold urine and defecation in their bowels and or bladder, directly to my flesh and bone bodily aura and crown chakra, and the individual is like a farm animal that simply urinates and defecates wherever she / he is sitting, laying, and or standing, meaning that instead of getting up to use a toilet, the individual simply “urinates” and or “defecates” wherever that they are and this continues to disgust us all because this person won’t disconnect themselves when they do and it causes the physiological problem of sweating in the crotch and buttocks areas of MY own body because the individual always has a load of either urine and or defecation in their diaper. While we realize that this may in fact be embarrassing to the coward refusing to disconnect themselves, the fact is that the soul and his people and I refuse to help the individual as the individual is this way because of the fact that he / she has committed extremely heinous crimes of sexual rape against not only us ourselves, but at least one of our family pet dogs as well and the soul and his people and I cannot stomach this individual and we are seeking that this individual be barred from connecting themselves to our living bodies so that their problem no longer bothers us. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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