December 29, 2016 (5533-12292016)

You know, we all like to think that when we pass away, someone that knew us such as the sun, would hopefully have something nice to say about us, and the life we lived.  

In the case of professional singer songwriter George Michael, well, I never really knew him very well, but when I listen to his works and that which made him famous, I can sense in both my heart and mind that the truth is that not only did he DO the “job,” but that he really WANTED to do the “job,” and in fact, he actually really liked the man he did the “job” for. I know this to be true as it is in each and every song he ever sang. 

The following is a link to MY favorite George Michael song. The very day I first heard it, I was literally awed.  

The soul and his people and I would like to extend our warmest sincerest sympathy to the surviving members of his family and to his friends for ALL of our loss, and a personal “Thank You” to George himself not only for his many wonderful songs, but for doing the “job” he did as well. 


As far as Carry Fisher, well, I never really knew her very well, but when I examine her works and that which made her famous, I see that her biggest starring role is that of a woman that was forcibly bound, literally by metal chains, to someone and or something that she hated so vehemently (Job-a-the-hut”) that in the movie, she literally helped murder him. Even the movie itself sought to villainize, for example, instead of the star that appeared in the night-time sky when Jesus was born, it was a dark star that was perceived evil. Then there was the light and dark sides which we all know the true connotation of. Then there’s the fact that Hollywood sought to use the movie to villainize the dark side as being evil along with making his father an additional evil villain, and when I think of this, I then get to thinking things such as “the obvious fact that Hollywood and the entertainment industry has always thought of the soul and his people and I and my family this way is exactly how it is that I got stuck with the very same frigid society bitch and her damn family of known guilty criminal accomplices for more than twenty-five calendar years, and you know something, the role that Carrie Fisher played in “Star Wars” was exactly what the frigid society bitch and her family of criminal horrors did to the soul and his people and I all twenty-five calendar years by virtue of the fact that they first forcibly electronically connected themselves to MY flesh and bone bodily aura against my will and then refused to disconnect themselves as if I were bound to them by metal chains which I could not get removed, and all the while they were connected, they spent every waking moment of their day for twenty-five plus calendar years hating the soul and his people I am and I myself as much as they possibly could, and all the while, while hating us, they also spent every waking moment of the day for the very same twenty-five plus calendar years attempting to murder the soul and his people and I myself and even got caught and documented guilty by at least two nations government’s and I have more than four thousand letters of true testimony to tell the tales of their criminal occupation of my body, and more than five hundred photographs of the physical flesh and bone bodily damage that they did to me to show their hatred and attempts at murdering me as proof (hell, she even called herself a “princess” for years and years and years), and it is then that I begin to realize, that the soul and his people and I never really did mean that much to any of you throughout the entertainment industry other than as a way to become famous, and you know something, it shows in everything you all do and I truthfully believe that we should all contemplate these things really really hard in both our hearts AND our minds because I believe that if we do, at least some of us will chose to pursue our futures just a little bit differently.  

The soul and his people and I and MY family AND the light we shine, both, the light side and the dark, are not bad, nor are we evil as depicted by Hollywood and or the entertainment industry of America, we were just poor and from the heart of America instead of rich and from the metropolis of NY and or LA and was therefore, quite obviously, not very welcome amongst such “beautiful” people as all of you “Hollywood” and “entertainment industry” people.  

The brilliant stars that shine in the night-time sky, including the one that began shining the day I was born, are all wonderful living bodies of soul the soul and his people and I adore, and are not at all evil. 


As far as Carrie Fishers mother Debby Reynolds whom I just this morning found out about, no disrespect intended, but again, I simply didn’t know her at all, I was simply o young to remember her works and that which made her famous as she was part of my parents’ generation and was the “old” Hollywood establishment that is now waning. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, December 29, 2016

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