December 31, 2016 (5536-12312016)

Exactly as she has so cowardly done for the last twenty-five calendar years, once again cowardly seeking revenge against the soul and his people and I because of the fact that we told the truth of the cruel and inhumane treatment being inflicted us by the frigid society bitch and her known guilty family of criminal accomplices the day before, precisely at the 2:00AM hour of the morning, and I mean literally at 2AM on the dot, the very same frigid society bitch once again cowardly awoke me deliberately inserting her hand and forearm into the rectum of the accomplice she enlisted the aid of to help her force the “feeling” of herself sexually raping me in the rectum, a coward she ad already electronically connected directly to my flesh and bone bodily aura, which along with the repeated verbal harassment which she simply refused to quit electronically transmitting across my living crown of life (the crown chakra of soul known to be emanating from my flesh and bone bodily head) kept me awake the remainder of the night. At precisely 6:50AM this morning Saturday, December 31, 2016, the very same two cowards whom have repeatedly done this to me, usually in the AM while I am sound asleep, once again cowardly resumed electronically surging me in the penis with currents of voltage electricity attempting forcing me to orgasm to the forced “feeling” of their electronically inflicted sexual rape, and all those of you that are trained in the medical field and or in a military somewhere knows exactly what it is that this does to you, or at least you should in these two fields, which again, for the several hundredth time, conclusively proved their guilt of being absolutely nothing less that literal violent criminal rapist thugs that should NEVER have access to someone’s living aura such as the soul and his people and my own. By the time I got up and out of bed for the day at approximately 7:30AM this morning Saturday, December 31, 2016 I had the additional misfortune of immediately noticing that this very same group of cowards had again swelled my right eye and surrounding tissues.

This is the way it is folks; This situation has been ongoing for more than twenty-four calendar years since 1992 unhindered in the slightest by anyone of authority over her such as government and or those that commissioned her and her family of known guilty criminals and it is going to stop or I am going to stop traffic upon the TV spectrum and or web until she is gone. By this I mean, from now on, the soul and his people and I will be shutting down our domain in his entirety at the time we adjourn for the day intending to retire for the night (the word “retire” in the context of this particular sentence being to innocently rest and sleep throughout the night) so as to enable myself to get a full night of rest and sleep. I will do this using the authority of the crown of life I am of this day as the repeated nightly harassment and sleep deprivation is extremely harmful to my emotional state and mindset as well as my physical flesh and bone body. In the event that this does not work, then I will use the authority of the crown of life I am of this day to shut down our domain in his entirety AND stop traffic upon Emerald and Blue for the night and let you all do without so as to insure my rest and sleep and emotional and physical safety and well-being and I am pretty sure one night of this will allow everyone all across the region to more clearly understand that this situation WILL in fact be stopped by someone, or the monetary and economic losses will continue to mount because if the latter does not sufficiently achieve our desired goal, then I will continue to up the any by again using the authority of the crown of life I am of this day to additionally stop all traffic upon the World Wide Web throughout the night so as to make certain everyone is on the same page as to just how important it is for me to get a night of rest and sleep EACH and EVERY night of the week and in this latter situation, the economy here within the Americas will absolutely undoubtedly bring the market as well as all other aspects of it down to a really really low point from which I will make certain it never recovers. No offence to anyone with this statement but I hope I am making myself clear to everyone concerned here in this letter as the outcome if I am not doing so will topple all three, the entertainment industry throughout the region, the internet business community, and our nations government that refused to intervene.

I am fifty fucking plus years of age. I want to be left the fuck alone throughout the night which means, this situation will in fact be stopped by someone out there because if I stop it, every one all across the Americas will lose.

Comprende ?? I fucking hope so. Somebody had better do something more to get this damn fucking frigid society bitch princess off of us really soon cause we are done with her and her accomplices.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, December 31, 2016

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