February 17, 2017 (5599-02172017)

As recent as the 5:00AM hour of this morning Friday, February 17, 2017 I was again awakened out of a sound sleep by the man named Dominic William La Briella whom was not only using the very same specifically calibrated electronic camera to visually harass and torment me, but whom was also again cowardly using the very same specifically calibrated electronic cell phone microphone to verbally harass and torment and threaten me with even more violence.  His comment during the 5:00AM hour of this morning was, and this is a quote and NOT an embellishment, “Florentine Gardens had a broken water pipe, didn’t they” which was yet another “past-tense” verbal instruction to someone that was listening. He also used the electronic camera pointed through my eyes to suggest setting off the fire alarm and sprinkler system in my apartment complex would cause thousands of dollars of damage as well. This man and his family have repeatedly verbally threatened to find a way to murder the sun and have also repeatedly used his meth addict friends and packets of methamphetamine as payment for criminal acts of violence against me as I innocently walk the city streets which places not only me and my life in constant life threatening harm, but the fate of the nation and entire globe as well. 

In addition to the aforementioned constant threat, the coward woman that was housed in my apartment building either by the entertainment industry or the internet business community whom is known to be criminally burglarizing my apartment still has in her position a vial of toxin which she has planned to contaminate my food items with. This is the very same coward woman that criminally stalked me to New Zealand February 18, 2014 whom was caught by New Zealand’s government first discussing doing so, then deliberately placing a toxin so harmful to my body that they thought I was going to die because of it, in my food supply May of the very same year and she did so thinking as soon as she murdered me she would sucker everyone into believing that she and I had some sort of relationship which would enable her to inherit and or simply keep all of our intellectual and inspirational properties right along with all the worldly belongings everyone across the globe had willed the sun and we know she has the toxin and is desperately wanting to do so again with the current vial she now has in her position and the biggest problem with this is that it was New Zealand’s government that alerted the US federal government and under the leadership of Barack Obama they, new Zealand’s national government, were told not to do anything about it and this is how she escaped prosecution for attempted murder of the sun and we know she had the courage to do this to me in New Zealand and we know she now wants to do so to me again and we also know that the US federal government let her get away the last time, and therefore, we cannot trust the US federal government to do the right thing this time either and so, as long as this bitch is still in my apartment building and within the same city and state as I am, we are in a situation of constant imminent life threatening harm and like it or not, during the last criminal burglary, she was seen taking a bottle of hand lotion off of my windowsill and was planning to place a form of chemical which she had with her, in the lotion but because she stepped upon my night stand and broke it, it then caused her to then spill the vial of chemical she had intended to place in my lotion on my bed which I then discovered upon my bed sheet and took off my bed. The soul and his people and I know this bitch is guilty. We know she did this to us before. We know this IS the woman that raped and then murdered Buster Too, and she IS planning doing it again. We also know that the US federal government is NOT going to come to our aid but that they sure did come to hers when another nation’s government caught her amidst the attempted murder. This makes this woman, and the US federal government aiding her the planet’s enemy number one and each and every single business owner using the internet and or radio spectrum for their business and everyone of all walks of life are hanging in the balance and the US federal government known this, but is not willing to intervene making them our enemy and the enemy of all mankind as well as enemy of the planet himself. 

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, February 17, 2017

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