February 18, 2017 (5501-02182017)

I was again awaken and verbally harassed and physically assaulted by the very same meth addict family pretending to be our friends whom not only verbally harassed and swelled my right eye, but whom also repeatedly assaulted me surging me in the rectum and groin using the very same electrical wires they were told to stop using, while also causing extremely painful welts across my right buttock check and repeatedly hurting my feet surging me with live voltage electricity. Further I can at this time truthfully attest to the absolute provable fact that this frigid society woman meth addict and her family of known guilty criminal meth dealer horrors are in fact still illegally criminally using their specifically calibrated electronic camera spying upon me in the toilet and shower and I know so as I was shaving myself in and during bathing myself during the 8:00PM hour of yesterday evening Friday, February 17, 2017 and the group of cowards verbal comments which could be overheard electronically transmitted across my crown were proof of such as they could not have known I was shaving if they weren’t, and the frigid society bitch meth addict is also still refusing to electronically disconnect herself from MY flesh and bone bodily aura while I am in the toilet defecating and or bathing myself in the shower and we have proof as to this as well as while I was innocently bathing myself, we could “feel” the meth addict woman electronically connected to me stuffing rocks of meth and or cocaine into her butt-hole all the while which is living proof she was electronically connected as we would not have been able to feel her doing this had she not been electronically connected and this makes me want to vomit as I have the right to privacy in my home and in the bathroom toilet and shower as well and if I am not allowed to have the very same equal rights to privacy as all other citizens of this nation then I am again being discriminated against by my nation’s government that refuses to stop the bitch and her accomplices from violating us this way and the true bottom line is that this bitch pretends to be a friend that has done so very much for us but the fact is that she and her family isn’t (our friend) and hasn’t (done a damn fucking thing for any of us in more than thirty fucking years) and it is damn fucking time for them to disconnect themselves and go back to wherever it is that they came from.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, February 18, 2017

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