February 23, 2017 (5605-02232017)

I would truly enjoy telling you folks that came out to spend the evening with us that last Saturday’s dance was just absolutely spectacular and so wonderful and …., but, well, and, well, if you really want to know the gospel truth… it kind of goes like this, the club and its ambiance was as great as usual. The crowd was somewhat small but never the less a really fun crowd. The band that came to play “La Sonora Cartagena” was really good. The performance by the Azul En Rosie show was really good, and the dance, well, it was absolutely nothing less than WAY BELOW par for all the guys and me myself and although we had hoped for a super duper fantastic make-up dance…… it just sucked big time. NEVER the less, we will in fact rearing to go again this coming Saturday night February 25, 2017 and we hope that all of you willing to have yet another go with us DO in fact come out to do so and from what I hear so far, the club’s doors open at 9:00PM with a free entry till 10:00PM along with the same 2 for 1 drink special occurring also till 10:00PM, and the buckets of beer which equal a six pack for only $25.00 bucks which is still a really great deal, and a performance by Raquenel Mary Boquitas Liliana as well, and of course, we will be there dancing our faces off all night long doing our interpretation of the music we hear as well just spending time with all of you that make the choice to bring yourselves and whoever you chose to bring along with you. And OH, by the way, you don’t have to bring someone if you don’t want to as you CAN in fact come alone and find someone to dance with at the club, someone such as me… WELL, you never know till you try.

Super-duper big thanks to all of you that came out last weekend, and looking forward to seeing all of you that come out this weekend as well.

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, February 23, 2017

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