February 24, 2017 (5606-02242

Approximately 1983 or before an origination of individuals began using an electronic camera to electronically transmit images through my eyes. The chronology of this was memorialized in music and song by at least one extremely well-known entertainer 1983 or 84 (I don’t remember at this time and chose not to look it us so as to not note the artist). By 1988, the org that did this became overtly frightened that I had become aware of what it was that they were doing and chose to dump the electronic camera in the lap of one butt-ugly bitch whose name I do not know, but whose face I saw Earth Day 1990 looking backwards through the camera lenses and spectrum of its use as she stood in front of it visually harassing and tormenting me, and no, you cannot do this but yes, I can as it is my spectrum not yours and you all can allow this to frighten to death if you chose, or you can simply get over it knowing I am the sun and if you are an enemy to the soul and his people and I then we are enemies to you and if you are a friend of the soul and his people nd I then we are friends to you. This bitch is one of the women known as our enemy which every single letter of complaint I have written is a complaint against. She is a criminal stalker that has spent years and years and years criminally stalking me around, often wielding a real or fake security clearance and badge falsely telling people along her way that she is a federal agent in pursuit of a criminal that she says is me myself and The truth is that I am the law-abiding citizen and she is the criminal and she portrays herself as a big and powerful person in charge of me but in truth has absolutely no authority over me nor does the enemy she gets her money from. Pretending to be working on or with or for me in secrecy is how she managed to get the police to refuse to take my police report, this is how she placed herself in my previous apartment buildings, this is how she got the public library to spy upon my computer usage, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. This is the very same bitch often transmitting fake images of herself through my eyes during the moments of the day while I am standing in front of a mirror as these are the times she pretends that I am conversing with her but in truth am not. We hate this bitch to death and we do NOT support her nor her endeavors nor her use of the electronic camera nor her criminal occupation of our domain. This bitch is NOT our family nor our friend and therefore she is NOT entitled to anything of ours and she is NOT welcome in my apartment nor within my building and in truth, we would be better off if she were locked up so she could no longer criminally stalk us as this is the very same woman that raped and murdered my dog Buster too. She is also the woman commissioned to assassinate the soul and his people and I. This woman is a meth addict refusing to quit electronically connecting herself to my flesh and bone bodily aura against my will and I fucking hate this bitch to death. 

The family of criminal meth dealers this aforementioned woman has spent years protecting consist of at least one woman whose name is Jeannette or Jennet or Janet whom was an employee of total petroleum 1993. This woman worked as an employee under my lover David Emory at the time and she was never perceives as a friend of ours, she was an employee UNDER my lover whom was her superior or “boss.” During this period of time, she was known as a meth dealer dealing in crystal meth. At one point she committed a home invasion of my lover and my apartment which was witnessed and documented by a federal agent of the US federal government during which time, she tried to poison me with a vial of poison but inadvertently poisoned our dog Buster whom was euthanized as the result of the poison. This bitch and her family were NOT at the time, and never ever were perceived as friends of our and infect were known to be loathed and detested by me myself by the aforementioned federal agent whom as a result of my personal witness of something which they had connected to an ATT line, and conversations I overheard her discussing caused me to hate her so vehemently that at the time I told the federal agent she would need to be put down and if she wasn’t, the fed would regret that they didn’t. I perceived my statement to the federal agent at the time to be the gospel truth and I NEVER mix words about such things, not ever. This woman and the man she is associated with whom I never actually met, are NOT by any means friends of the soul and his people and I, they are the enemy we detest as she and the man set out to murder the soul and his people and I and did in fact try to do so on many instances and this woman and man are two of the accomplices that aided the previously noted woman in the brutal rape and murder of my second dog Buster Too. This woman is a meth dealer attempting using MY domain as the hiding spot for her illegal meth running and dealing and we hate this bitch and her family to death and do NOT want them anywhere near us at all. 

The soul and his people and I do NOT support this man and woman nor their business nor their endeavors nor their illegal criminal occupation of our domain and we, the soul and his people and I have sought out my nation’s government to provide a fully enforced restraining order against all of the above individuals and their business and endeavors so that they could no longer stalk, and or use us and or occupy our domain and or take anything whatsoever from us at all and so that they can no longer have access to us in any capacity whatsoever but my nation’s government refused as they knew that this woman and her family were commissioned to assassinate the sun and therefore, wanted the sun dead so they refused to provide the restraining order and or would not keep them away from us and because of this, the soul and his people and I have spent thirty-three calendar years of our lives attempting ridding ourselves of these aforementioned people. We currently have more than four thousand publicly published letters of true testimony against this family of known guilty criminals. We have faxed and emailed letters all across the globe in our still ongoing attempts at ridding ourselves. These are the people I yell at all day long as we do NOT want them in our lives. We do NOT want them on our domain. We do NOT want them in our apartment nor within the moments and or events of our day. We treat their family members as they were the family members meaning they are lepers to us. I have literally changed the face of the planet attempting ridding ourselves of these cowards. 

 There is at least one man amidst this aforementioned group of criminal meth addicts and dealers whom may and or may not be the man associated with the Jennet woman whom is falsely defaming my character by presenting himself as an imposter of me pretending to be the person creating and singing songs that I am actually creating and singing. He has falsely presented himself to hundreds and hundreds of others as the very same singer creating and singing the very same songs that I myself am known to have in the past, and to be currently, creating and singing on a literal daily basis throughout my day and have even gone to the length of creating a Facebook page using MY name and I have reason to believe that they are doing this to attempt implying that the person seen having sex was me, but is in reality this aforementioned man, and so as to cowardly attempt the literal theft of all the intellectual and inspirational property and songs the soul and his people and I are known to have created and to be singing on a daily basis, and my worst fear is that they are doing this with the entertainment industry’s full knowledge and personal blessing so as to enable the entertainment industry to secretly operate a clearing house for the distribution of my stolen works through this very family of known guilty criminals whom the industry knows were secretly attempting to murder me, very possibly to get away with all of my songs. To this I affirm that the soul and his people and I advised everyone as recent as 2002 when I first discovered that this man and woman were attempting stealing our songs that we would NOT allow anyone to take these songs from us and we also issued a statement regarding the crime of deliberately attempting stealing our songs and material and we will hold ourselves true to this previously aired statement and although I will not repeat the statement here, I can and do herby affirm that if you do, you will lose your personal charisma and your career will come to an end for stealing from us this way as our songs are for ourselves and are used era after era after era and are therefore not for use by anyone other than ourselves and are not for sale to anyone and the woman attempting stealing them from us will suffer accordingly and so too will anyone buying them from them and or taking and using them for themselves and their own career and anyone that doesn’t believe me, then I dare you to call my words a bluff and try to use them publicly and see what happens to you as the result. 

The soul and his people and I seek an enforceable restraining order against this aforementioned entire group of cowards and their endeavors and businesses so that they can never come within 500 yards of us. So that they can no longer stalk us. So that they can no longer use any part of our domain and or personal likenesses, so that they can never even speak to us again, period. In the event that the entertainment industry, and or AOL, and or any other company big or small are NOT involved with these people and their crimes against us, you are best advised to distance yourselves and your businesses as far away from them as possible, as soon as you possibly can as the soul and his people and I have grown extremely tired of this situation and these cowards victimizing and stealing and plagiarizing us as this situation has been allowed by the government of my nation to continue for thirty-three calendar years and we want it brought to an end and in the event that they are not forced out of and away from my home and domain, then we WILL stop all traffic that we need to upon our spectrum and bring the economy down to ground zero and the monetary loses we cause will force the us federal government to stand up and do something to stop and remove them and if you all wait this long, you will have waited too long. 

I am fucking tired of the continuation of this situation and these cowards in our lives and on our domain. We want justice against them and closure for that which they have done to us. We want to move on into the remainder of our lives and we want to do so without them in the moments and activities of our day. 

These people and all that aid them are our enemies NOT our friends.  

The soul and his people and I Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, February 24, 2017 

Ps, I have reason to believe that the woman criminally burglarizing my apartment has claimed that she need access to my apartment for her company and or job. I guess that’s tuff fucking shit isn’t it as I don’t give a fucking damn what it is she needs the soul and his people and I do NOT want her fucking crap show in our apartment nor upon our domain and we do NOT want her in our apartment nor in our lives.

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